Why am I so tired …

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

These days it is quite common for people to complain about their low level energy. "At the end of the day, there is no energy left." "I am always tired." Those are common complaints among people who know each other well.

What makes it worse is that modern culture expects people to be energetic and upbeat and being tired all the time is last thing you want to be. As life gets busier and economy gets lean and mean, people simply opt out for meaningful life and become couch potatoes because it is just to much to keep up with. Or many others opt in for stimulants – coffee, sugar, soft drinks, red bull, drugs, and etc.

Take a look at food list before when people get hung Eating refined and processed foods is sure way for malnutrition, even if they are labeled as "healthy foods." Most of these packaged foods are nutritionally depleted.

People also have lifestyle that depletes the vitamins and minerals faster then if they were eating whole foods. These habits include the consumption of caffeine, soft drinks, tobacco, white flour, added sugars, and other food additives – including artificial coloring and preservatives.

Eating refined flour, refined sugar, and coffee in regular basis is one of the most common causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Also Americans drink a lot of pasteurized, insecticide concentrated, anti-biotic filled, puss filled, growth hormone ridden, cow's milk. They eat a lot of red meat, which contains heart-damaging saturated animal fats and lacks fiber. They take cheap vitamins that offer synthetic forms of vitamins and minerals rather than natural, organic forms. However, taking synthetic forms of vitamins and minerals are not same as taking them in natural form.

Chronic stress caused by malnutrition, conditions such as work stress, environmental stress (breathing polluted air, drinking polluted water), relationship stress, lack of sleep, lack of sunlight, and so on accelerates the depletion of nutrients in the body, leaving the body in a deeper state of nutritional deficiency.

Many people mistakenly think that in order to get more nutrition, one should eat more in terms of calorie. It is not. Calorie is amount of food which a body can burn. Nutrition is chemicals with certain molecular structures that body cannot produce but must take in the form of food. When people hear 'malnutrition,' they often imagine thin, bony children who are starving to death. The truth is, most Americans are chronically malnourished in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

They are diseased from continual malnutrition caused by eating junk foods such as snack foods, candy bars, soft drinks, cookies, chips, pizza, and other foods which are regarded not as junk food but still have dismal nutrition, such as muffins, bagels, white breads, pastas, pancakes, white bread, breakfast cereals, pastries, processed foods, and many other foods made out of refined sugar (white and brown sugar), refined flour (white and enriched flour) , and white rice.

Most people don't eat foods they should eat – fresh raw vegetables, raw fruits, and other unprocessed whole grains and raw nuts. Click here to see how much food of what kinds you should eat.

People also have habits that deplete vitamins and minerals faster, which they absorbed from whole foods. They are: eating and drinking coffee, soft drinks, tobacco, foods with white flour ingredient, adding sugar, and foods with additives – including refined salt, refined sugar (these two are most common food additives) artificial coloring, and preservatives – that takes nutrients away from body which body already have.

So by the time you're done with all of that, the average American has only a fraction of the nutrition they actually need for optimum health. No wonder they always feel tired.

    "The mode of living in this age produces such a waste of power and such a sense of weariness that only the limited few ever know the supreme delights and the enviable luxury of power in reserve. …they keep up their semblance of vigor by means of stimulation…" To read full quote by Herbert Shelton, click here.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lecithin

Lecithin is a phosphorized fat (a compound of phosphorus, fat and nitrogen) which is an important ingredient of the tissues in your nerves, brain and endocrine glands. Your nervous system, for instance, uses lecithin to aid in generating nerve electricity.

When there is enough lecithin for nerve cells, body abounds with energy. When there is not enough lecithin, as it does at the end of the day, body is tired. Serious lecithin deficiency in the diet can bring constant exhaustion characterized by a chronic fatigue syndrome. With this, no amount of rest will alleviate fatigue.

Lecithin is also important for brain, since brain has approximately 28% of lechitin, assuming the person is sane. The brains of a person who are suffering from serious mental illness have less than half of lecithin found in normal brain.

Sex organs also demand great deal of lecithin in order to manufacture normal quantities of youth preserving hormones.

Sesame seeds, millet (up until early 20 century millet was major part of American diet), and sunflower seeds, have more lecithin than soybean. Protein and fat in sesame seeds are unusually easy to digest. So it is very goof for people with weak digestive system, which many people already are.

Sesame seeds are also known for having good amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron, trace minerals and high content of thiamin and other vitamin B complex.

Black sesame seed powder (which you can find in most of Chinese supermarket) is excellent for menstrual pains. Half a teaspoon of the powder with hot water twice a day works very well in reducing crams.

The best way to eat sesame seeds are eating in raw. Soak them then crushed or blend. This sesame meal may be sprinkled over salads and hot cereals, mixed with fresh or cooked vegetables for added seasoning (especially in oriental vegetable dishes), added to soups, and etc.

Do not cook sesame seeds and its meal in high temperature because it will destroy nutritional value. It is best to be mixed in right after when cooking is finished.

One last note – if you have chronic fatigue syndrome, eating raw, organic fruits and vegetables should be at least 50% of your diet.

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