In any diet program, there are some who succeed and some who don't. This is because many diet programs only address certain aspects of weight loss.

In losing weight, human body is affected not just fat and exercise, but by many factors. As a result, if a particular diet program corrects a particular aspect of nutrition / exercise that caused obesity, then that's the one that "works" for that person. This is why, depends on individuals, some diet program works and some do not.

Losing weight is not much depends on how much you exercise, but getting rid of symptoms such as constant hunger, chronic fatigue, dizziness, etc. What you may have thought as totally unrelated foods and body functions are in fact very closely related to obesity and other undesirable body symptoms.

Issues that will be dealt in the program are:

  • How to go vegan right way.
  • Why some people do not lose weight or even gain weight and feel more tired on vegan diet?
  • Cause of obesity
  • Why do you crave certain food type so much?
  • Why do you go food binge?
  • Why are you depressed for no particular reason?
  • Why eating sweets temporarily satisfy this depression thus cause the person to eat more and more sweets?
  • Why do you have to eat constantly in order to feel energized but only get momentary sugar rush and never a sustained energy after a meal?
  • Why are you constantly hungry?
  • Why are you always tired?
  • a list of foods you should be eating in what frequency in order to go successful vegan diet to loss weight and be more healthy.
  • How to eat the same / similar good taste while still going vegan.
  • How to keep up your vegetable intake.

Diet Program Overview

  • Vegan Coaching Program:
    Two 45 minutes phone interviews plus 2 months unlimited e-mail support – all for $283.

    1. You will need to fill out a list of questions plus anything you want to add.

    2. We will exchange e-mails based on this answers.
    Here, you should tell me how you have been gain weight and difficulty in losing weight as much info you can.

    2. I will send you summary of what you need to do via e-mail. Any questions, if you have any questions ask via e-mail.

    3. A phone consultation at 5th day period mark.

    4. Another phone consultation at 10th day period mark.

  • For 1 Months Unlimited E-Mail Support – $25.95

  • For 3 Months Unlimited E-Mail Support – $59.93

  • For 6 Months Unlimited E-Mail Support – $87

  • For 1 Year Unlimited E-Mail Support – $139

  • For Each Additional One 45 Minute Phone Support – $183

Once you send the payment, I will send you an e-mail to start the program. Be sure to send me the e-mail address you want to be contacted to at:

Paypal would be the preferred method. If you have credit card, I recommend you register Paypal. This would be almost same as making payment as credit card.

If you pay $20 by CC directly, the card company deducts $20, and mark it with the merchant name. If you pay $20 with Paypal, the Paypal deducts from $20 from your CC or any account of your choice.

Then the card company would market the $20 as Paypal payment. The card company shows some details about transaction through Paypal as well. But to look at more comprehensive transaction detail by Paypal, you can log onto your account at

Other payment options may be arranged on individual basis.

Refund policy:
All program is 60 days money back guaranteed.

Note that this site would be running as a non-profit organization, so all the payment would be considered as donation. However, it would not be tax deductible.

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