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Going Vegan in Wrong Way

A lot of people who go to vegetarian hoping that they will loose weight this way will gain weight even more. So they start to eat meat again. Why is that so?

Some years back, an acquaintance of mine said he had weight problem which was clear to everyone. I suggested vegetarian diet (I wanted to say vegan but I thought that might be too hard for him at first) for his problem. He immediately said no, saying he gained more weight by going vegetarian.

Reason? He kept drinking soda, white rice, white bread, eating pizza, chips, French fries, candies, and you-know-what. And for every meat and chicken he couldn't eat, he replaced it with cheese, butter, white rice, white bread, and white sugar.

What is wrong with this? A two-slice portion (2 ounces) of greasy cooked Canadian bacon contains 33 mg of cholesterol and 4.8 grams of fat. Compare that to a two-ounce portion of mozzarella on a slice of pizza containing 35% more cholesterol (44.5 mg) and 2 1/2 times the amount of fat (12.26 grams). 1 Also cheese is more addictive then meat due to casein morphine present in cheese. So naturally he would have gained more weight.

Even if a person eats total vegan diet, omit all animal foods – meat, chicken, fish, dairy – a person can gain more weight. Moreover, a person will soon find that he / she would become lethargic and fatter.

There are four major reasons for this. Eating refined sugar and refined grain products cause overeating.

Also, because of compensatory way of human psychology, if a person omits something that gives him / her pleasure, the person would try to compensate it in different way. The most common ways is eat more oil rich foods.

The prime choice of this is fried food. Fried food is rich in fat, so eating a lot of this makes a person fat. Also frying process makes food particles smaller and brittle, which makes GI index of the food even higher. It should be noted that among all the cooking methods, frying gives highest GI index. Click each links to read more about them.

Eating dairy and meat cause obesity as well because dairy and meat has too much fat to begin with. Generally beef and pork's, muscle/fat ratio is 40 to 60% – too high for anyone who considers in loosing weight. Read more about obesity cause here.

Eating refined flour, refined sugar, and coffee in regular basis is one of the most common cause for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Generally, going a vegan diet can be bad if you eat in ways described below:

  • Eating usual SAD (Standard American Diet) meals and just omitting meat.
    This means a person continue to drinking soda, white rice, white bread, eating pizza, chips, French fries, candies, and etc. This will lead to low in protein, iron and zinc, vitamin K2, B12 etc. Make sure you eat whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables to replace these.

    Plants, if eaten whole, can provide complete protein even if you do not eat bean and legumes. Click on the link to read more about why you do not need protein supplement when you go vegan diet. Plants, especially leafy green vegetables are loaded with protein.

    Also Soda and muffins provide enormous amount of calories with very little nutrition. If you do not eat meat but continue to drink soda and eat conventional muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, pizza, and etc., This will make you fatter then ever before.

    The reason is protein intake makes body metabolism faster then carbohydrate. But since protein is going to be totally eliminated, the body metabolism would slow down, thus gaining more fat.

    Even switching to bread made from whole flour over refined flour/enriched flour makes the body metabolism faster because the husk and bran of wheat grain is rich in protein and minerals. By switching to whole grain, one includes protein rich husk and bran to one's diet, thereby helping his/her metabolism go faster.

    However, this effect of switching to whole grain can be easily nullified by keep eating candies, chocolates, French fries and etc.

    The important point is that in change diet to improve health if you do it 100% correctly, the effect comes very fast and strong, whereas if a portion of diet is changed and the other foods are ate as before, the effect can be easily negated by the other foods intake.

  • Going vegan without eating raw vegetables and fruits at least 50% of diet.
    This is also known as the "beige diet." One eats only dull-colored carbohydrate foods such as bread, pasta, rice, etc., without colorful fruits and vegetables.

    This satisfies sugar cravings and also provides many valuable vitamins and minerals in abundance which are key to processing and burning excess fat in the body. Organic fruits and vegetables are better, because they have more vitamins and minerals. How and why vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegetables process and burn sugar faster, read sections on refined flour page.

  • Choosing wrong fake meat / eating too much fake meat and nothing much else.
    Many brands of fake meat have egg whites, refined sugar, refined flours, and refined oils. Also, even the ones which do not have these, some are high in sodium, so they should be eaten in moderation. Eating sodium is not necessarily bad. However if you eat refined salt and too much of it, it would be bad. Check the label that if the fake meat has used "sea salt" instead of just "salt"

  • Going vegan itself does not guarantee the health.
    It has to do with what type of vegan food you eat. Even if you are vegan friendly, if you eat candie, gum, drink soda, drink alcohol, smoke cigar, and doing drug, going vegan would not going to help your health.

  • Cheese addiction.
    Yes, addiction. Literally. In the transition period of going vegan, many vegetarians rely on cheese to get protein, eating cheese every meal, such as cheese sandwiches, cheese on pasta, cheese crackers for a snack, etc.

    Cheese is not only too high in calories and saturated fat, which will make you fat quicker, but it has addictive component as well. It has something called casein morphine, which is 1/10th strength of the regular morphine used in hospital. Many cheese lovers would say they feel high when they eat cheese – no wonder why!

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Exercise More does Not Work – here is why

The food industry blames cause of obesity epidemics in US for lack of exercise. They would like to have people to think that people can eat as much as they want, and all that was eaten can be exercise off. However, this is almost impossible. Here's why.

In order to burn just 1 ounce of potato chips a person has to jog for 15 minutes. To burn the calories in 1 typical soda can, a person have to bike for 1 hour! A super sized meal at McDonald's (BigMac used to have, no more – thanks to the documentary, "Supersize Me"), has so many calories, a person have to walk for 6 hours to burn it off.

We should exercise. But that's only part of solution. Exercise alone cannot be the solve obesity problem.

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Obesity Cause

I listed cause of obesity in the page. Your obesity problem is solved when you successfully deal with all of these. Do not be daunted by the list of the causes because a lot of those are overlapped with each other.

For the link to the obesity cause page, click here. Read carefully both this page and the obesity cause page. Read all the related pages thoroughly. After that you will know what to do to fix the cause that prevents you from losing weight.

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White Flour and White Sugar

Many people say it is difficult to go vegan because eating only plants make them energy less. What makes people energy less is not because there is no meat in diet, but because of eating white sugar and white flour in regular basis. By the way, brown sugar is no better then white sugar.

For more information about these, and also for vital information in losing weight, I strongly recommend to read refined sugar and refined flour page.

Also, there is reason why stop meat eating leaves with less energy. For more information, please read a section in the meat page and other sections on the meat page in detail.

If a person is to go vegan correctly, that person must do away with conventional muffin, bagel, bread (even the whole grain bread in supermarket has refined sugar), pizza, cookie, candy, chocolate, cereal, power bar, and etc.

In short, you must read every ingredient in food label (not nutritional facts) carefully when you buy something. If you are thinking about going vegan, it is strongly recommended to avoid all white flour / bread / rice and white sugar sold in conventional supermarket.

As far as I know Whole Foods and the Trader's Joe has good selection of bread and cereals that are without refined sugar and refined flour. Otherwise you are not going to get benefits of going vegan, but feel tired and go back eating meat.

There are alternatives to all these tasty foods. Whole Foods, Trader's Joe, health food stores, and even some conventional supermarkets nowadays sell whole grain / raw unrefined sugar products. Other gourmet food stores and health food stores have these types of bread / cereals.

If you cannot find at all around your local store, you can always order over internet. amazon.com has whole selection of them – as listed here.

You can, of course, make muffin, bread, cookie, pizza, etc using whole grain and raw unrefined sugar (also called as milled cane sugar, raw sugar, raw turbinado sugar, and etc).

With a bit of patience, diligence, and research you will be able to find something in reasonably priced range.

What Food to Eat

There is no "authorized" correct way to go vegan. The highest authority of your health is you. You can ask so many experts and doctors how to do it, but in the end, you should be the one who is making decision for your health and responsible for your own health.

With that in mind, anything I say, you can decide not to do it if you don't want to, or do it differently.

That being said, how reliable is this list? It is 20+ years of my experience, knowledge and talking to vegans / vegetarians and people who tried vegan / vegetarian diet during that time.

Keep in mind that this is a general rule. There are other adjustment and alternatives that should be made according to your health condition (disease and etc), your body type, and your situation.

Use this list with the vegan alternatives to get a better idea of how you can replace what you are eating to lose weight and healthier life style.

Things that must be avoided

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Things you could eat with moderate amount but not every day. May eat only once in few or a few days.

  • Soft drinks and other drinks made of all fruit and no artificial flavors, no white sugar
  • Candies and gum made from whole grain maltose and raw unrefined sugar with no artificial flavor / coloring
  • Vegan cookies and crackers with all organic, whole grain ingredients with no artificial flavor / coloring
  • Sautéed food in oil
  • Organic, expeller pressed (cold pressed) oil
  • raw unrefined sugar

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Things you could eat with low moderate to small amount and every day but not every meal. And you don’t have to eat every day in order to keep up your health.

  • Organic raw honey
  • Organic raw agave nectar
  • Sun dried unrefined sea salt (this varies according to salt content of other food that you already eat and how much you sweat. Keep in mind that majority of foods already have salt in it. Try not to make habit of adding salt). This is the least amount of all three

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Things you should / could eat every day, but not predominantly of any one kind and/or not every meal

  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Raw nuts / seeds butter
  • Whole wheat bread without any refined sugar / additives
  • Organic fake meat without any preservatives and sugar
  • Cooked organic brown rice
  • Organic tofu
  • Mild spices such as basil, oregano, cumin, etc.
  • Corns, Beans
  • Organic soy sauce / soy paste
  • Onion, Leeks, Green onion, Ginger
  • Dried Fruits
  • Organic raw bar (such as some type of Lara Bars and Raw Revolution)
  • Root vegetables

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Things you could eat every day, every meal, but not predominantly

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Things you should / must eat every meal

  • Raw fruits and (raw – preferably) vegetables:

    How much a person should eat raw fruits and vegetables? Minimum 50% of your diet. If you want to loose weight / improve your health big time, you should eat at least 70 to 80% of your diet made up with raw fruits and vegetables.

    It is not recommend go below 35 to 40% raw fruits and vegetables even if you are in good health. In the winter, especially in cold regions, it can be fallen to 30%, but it is strongly recommended to eat lightly steamed or boiled leafy vegetables in quantity.

    When steaming or boiling leafy vegetables, do not cook more then a minute or two, and make sure to drink the water that you cooked the vegetables. Filtered water is recommended for cooking vegetables, as for drinking as well.

    Bibimbap is very good way to take large amount of vegetables. If you do not want to eat bibimbap the way it is in Korean style, try to make it as rice salad see what you can come up with – black rice, wheat berry, quinoa especially work well.

    Also, you should eat fruit before anything else, although vegetables can be mixed with any other foods – click here to read about food combining.

    During winter, pickled vegetables is good way to get raw vegetable intake. Pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, and kimchi are good option.

    By the way, traditionally kimchi is made without hot peppers and fish sauce because Korea was Buddhist country for a long time up until 15th century. When hot peppers were imported from Middle East via Japan, during 17th century, that was when Koreans started to make kimchi hot.

    You can find the recipes for real tradition Korean kimchi here. Also Trader's Joe sells vegan kimchi for $1.99 for 16 oz. – it is not very hot either.

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Tips for Going Raw Vegan / Vegan

If one follows the general rule laid out above, there shouldn't be much of problem. The key is bring back fine senses of body so that you would know how much of which kinds of food to eat instinctively.

Animals have this instinct very alive. For humans, this instinct has been destroyed by eating artificially additives, refined flour, refined sugar, heavily processed foods, caffeine addiction, junk food addiction, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and etc.

If you really want to know how many calories you're eating every meal / day, there is a website which can tell you. It is called fitday.com.

It has been proven that people only have about 5-6 basic recipes they eat pretty much every day and do not deviate much from it. So the trick of going raw vegan is find that 5-6 basic recipes that satisfy all the nutritional needs.

You will find that you would need to eat a lot more when you go raw vegan in order to satisfy calorie requirement compared to average cooked meal. In order to reduce the seemingly large volume, blender is an essential tool in going vegan.

Other people would say dehydrator and juicer is essential as well, but I went raw vegan for a year without either one of them. I did not even had vitamix blender, although having one helps.

Make sure you do not eat frozen stuffs because that interfere with vitamin B12 absorption – to read more about vitamin B12 and going vegan / raw vegan, click here.

I went raw vegan by eating cheapest and most common vegetables and fruits available. I ate 5-6 bananas for breakfast, banana smoothies (a couple of Tropicana orange juice blended with spinach, put banana into that and blend again) and some raw trail mix or salad for lunch. For dinner, vegetable / fruit mix (usually mix of tomato, cucumbers, peppers, dried tomato, raw walnuts, apple cider vinegar / lemon juice) that I usually make on Sunday which will last an entire week.

Also tomato and/or cucumber mixed with a little bit of lemon / lime juice then add any kinds of nuts makes excellent smoothie for dinner. Add other different vegetables such as red bell pepper, celery, basil, etc. add other unexpected flavors. Blending them is a whole different world of taste then cut and eat as salad. Experiment with it and see what you can come up with. I usually found these mix very satisfying. If you cannot eat large amount of salad, this is very good way to eat.

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Vegan Diet Weight Loss Coaching Program

If you study everything on this website carefully and plan out, you should be able to loose weight and keep in shape. People may say it is difficult, but once you are settled down with new routine and steadily see result, it is not that difficult.

If you still do not get result and / or confused after studying all the materials, I have weight loss personal coaching program. It's a good program that deals with seemingly insurmountable tasks and stubborn issues in weight loss.

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Herbert Shelton Quote:

    "The mode of living in this age produces such a waste of power and such a sense of weariness that only the limited few ever know the supreme delights and the enviable luxury of power in reserve. They (average modern people) keep up their semblance of vigor by means of stimulation and seldom take sufficient time to re-charge their vital or nervous batteries. Nights are turned into day, while mental and nervous poise is exceedingly rare. All poison habits, all excesses, the indulgence of any or all the passions constitute distract drains upon the vital resources and are sources of diminished vitality, crippled usefulness and shortened life. Modern life presents us with an almost unlimited variety of means of stimulation, excitement, thrills and dissipation chiefly originating in the clever but perverted ingenuity of those who reap financial rewards from these things."

    – From Orthobionomics by Herbert Shelton

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