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  • Introduction – Make sure you read this

    Introduction – Things you should eat

    In buying vegan alternative products, there are some things you should know. Just because it is vegan alternative does not mean they are healthy. Below is the list of most common unhealthy additives in vegan products.

    • Trans-fat
    • Refined sugar
    • Refined flour
    • White rice
    • Refined salt
    • Oil
    • Dairy
    • Chemical additives

    In healthier vegan alternative products the above ingredients are replaced with better options.
    • Trans-fat
      Instead of partially and/or fully hydrogenated fat (which are trans-fat) it should say palm oil, coconut oil.

    • Refined sugar
      Instead of sugar and/or brown sugar (which both are refined sugar) it would say raw honey (regular honey is not a healthy choice), unfiltered brown rice syrup, unfiltered barley syrup, raw sugar, raw turbinado sugar, evaporated cane sugar, cane juice, raw cane juice, or milled cane sugar.

      Keep in mind that refined maltose (white maltose) is as bad as white sugar. Also these days there are ways to make maltose-look-alike liquid from pure white sugar which makes them identical to sugar.

    • Refined flour
      Instead of flour it would say whole flour. There is something to be careful in this description. If it says unbleached flour that is better then regular flour which is bleached. However, that is still nutritionally poor.

      Even if it says enriched flour, they are nutritionally far inferior to the whole flour. Get the product that has whole flour instead of flour, unbleached flour, and enriched flour. Of course, if it is organic, it is better.

    • White Rice
      White rice is refined rice. If the ingredient label says rice, it is white rice. Make sure the label says "brown rice" instead of just "rice."

      Refined rice or white rice is as bad as white flour. White rice is lacking nutrients as refined flour and usually white rice is treated with talcum powder, which cause cancer when ingested too much. White rice should be replaced with brown rice.

      The outer skins of brown rice act as protection for rice so it doesn't need chemical like talcum powder.

    • Refined Salt
      If it says salt, it is refined salt. Make sure you get a product that says sea salt instead of just salt. Nutritionally, refined salt is to the refined flour as to sea salt is to the whole flour. Refined salt tend to raise blood pressure. Also artificially iodized salt is poisonous unlike that of iodine occurring naturally.

    • Oils
      If one of the food ingredient just says "oil" instead of unrefined expeller pressed oil, you should not buy that product.
      Conventional vegetables and seeds oil sold in supermarket is toxic – click to read more why.

      Use cold pressed (expeller pressed) grape seed for frying and sautéing. Grape seed oil has high heat tolerance and also prevents oxidation from high heat due to its natural antioxidant content. However, grape seed oil or otherwise, it is best not to eat fried food.

      A few restaurants these days replace trans-fat mixed oil with high oleic soy bean oil which is better. This apparently makes the food taste better, too. Most of restaurants and fast food restaurants use trans-fat mixed oil when they are cooking, frying, sautéing. Most of diners, bars, stick houses, pizza places, and Chinese restaurants use trans-fat mixed oil in their cooking.

    • Dairy
      In regards to dairy, following is often added in vegetarian and supposedly "vegan" products. Egg whites, milk, milk germ, milk extract, casein protein, cheese, butter.

      When you are buying a vegan cheese product, you must especially be carefully with casein protein. Because casein has morphine that is 1/10 strength of regular morphine (all cheese has casein morphine btw) and it is also carcinogenic.

      The whole point of getting vegan cheese is to avoid casein in the cheese (and other bad stuffs) so do not get it if it has casein in the ingredient label.

      Healthier vegan products achieve the same taste and texture with plant alternatives (there are so many varied ways to achieve this so I would not list them here) instead of using dairy in vegan products.

    • Chemical additives
      Chemical additives are used to preserve the products. There are also other purposes for chemical additives as you can see in the refined flour page.

      Chemical additives do not prevent product from going stale. Rather, it prevents from rotting. If the product is packed in a jar/can with heat, there is no need for chemical preservatives.

      If it is frozen product there is no need either. If it is dry food and has enough sugar content (not refined sugar!) such as dried banana, raisin, cracker, cookie, chips, there is no need.

      Besides Vitamin C can be used as the preservatives. In the ingredients, if it says ascorbic acid, that is vitamin C. Please keep in mind that in the ingredient label, if there are any added vitamins, they might say in short name such as vitamin C, D, E etc. But often they say in long name, such as ascorbic acid. So it is useful to know the long name of vitamins.

    If you do not know why these are healthier option then refined sugar, flour, and dairy, please read sugar, flour, dairy, food additive pages, and all other related pages. Then you will see why.

    Bottom line is, in order to figure out which vegan alternatives are healthy, you must read ingredients for each product and not the nutritional value.

    I made this list with above criterion in mind – products that are list harmful.

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    In general vegan meat is made out from wheat gluten and soy protein. Most of vegan meat is made from this. So if you have these two, you can make your own vegan meat really cheap! Here they are.

    Bob's Red Mill Gluten Flour, 22-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)

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    Cold Cuts

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    Beef Jerky

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    Some good brand which make trustable processed food


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    Soy Milk
    I find soy milk has too much protein. Soy has more protein then milk. Although soy milk is superior then conventional milk, I usually drink rice or almond milk. If you get soy milk, mix with additional water, sea salt, raw honey, vanilla and etc. This usually works. Also just adding water and sea salt would work. Try different combinations.
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    Almond Milk

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    Rice Milk

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    Oat Milk

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    Potato Milk

    Replace butter with nut butter, or seed butter like Tahini. Or replace it with non-trans fat organic vegetable oil butter, such as Earth Balance Natural Spreads. Fully hydrogenated (never partially hydrogenated) vegetable oil butter or margarine – never conventional margarine. Must be fully hydrogenated – fully hydrogenated fat is same as saturated fat Do not ever buy conventional margarine. That is worse then butter.

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    For Baking

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    For Spread
    Earth Balance Natural Spreads

    Get casein free vegan cheese (some vegan cheese has casein protein in it)

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    For egg replacement options click here.

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    Replacement for mayonnaise with vegan mayonnaises recipe or other vegan mayonnaise products such as Vegenaise – vegan mayonases

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    Egg Replacement in Baking

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    Hard Boiled Egg

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    Egg Scramble

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    Vegan Fish Meat Products
    Vegan Fish Recipe

    Processed Foods


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    Oil, Nuts, and Condiments
    Nuts and Seeds
    Soy Sauce and Soy Paste
    Hot Pepper Pastes

    Oils – organic cold pressed (expeller pressed) oil

    Soy Sauce and Soy Paste

    (Conventional) soy sauce, soy paste include numbers of carcinogenic substances. They should be with organic soy sauce and soy paste without any additives.

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    Hot peppers

    Replace it with ginger

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    Organic raw honey

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    Roasted Nuts and Seeds

    Replace it with raw nuts and seeds

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    Processed Foods

    Breakfast Tart
    Chocolate Bar
    Chocolate Chips for Baking
    Energy Bars
    Energy Drinks
    Fried Foods
    Ice Cream
    Ready-Made Dinners
    Rice Treat
    Sour Dough Bread

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    (Conventional) Soda, Soft Drinks, Coke, Energy Drinks, Fruit Juice from Concentrate, Ice Teas, and Coffee.

    These should be replaced with drinks made of all fruits or if that is not possible, soft drinks with no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, and no refined white sugar. Whole Foods and Trader’s Joe have variety of them. Always read the ingredients. If it says "sugar" you can bet on it that it is white sugar.

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    (Conventional) Candy, Chocolate Bar, Gums

    Candies and gum made from whole grain maltose and raw unrefined sugar with no artificial flavor / coloring. Try to find natural variety made out of raw unrefined sugar and no artificial flavor / coloring in natural food stores. Whole Foods have variety of them.

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    (Conventional) Jell-Os

    Jell-Os used to be made from natural ingredients, mainly from sea algea. However, nowadays Jell-O is mainly made out of animal by-product and petroleum. From animal by-product, Jell-O substance is produced which replaced sea algea. From petroleum, artificial flavors and preservatives are produced which replaced cherry and other natural colorings.

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    (Conventional) Ice Cream

    They are mainly made out of conventional milk and refined sugar along with number of other artificial additives.

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    (Conventional) Cookies, Crackers, Chips

    Replace it with organic whole wheat made, raw turbinado sugar, brown rice, unrefined organic maltose made food without any artificial colorings and preservatives.

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    Dry Cereals, Rice Treat, Breakfast Tart, Waffle, Energy Bars, Ready-Made Dinners

    Most contain refined sugar, refined flour, artificial colors and preservatives. Even with those brands such as all Lean Pockets, Healthy Choice, and others so-called 'natural' and 'healthy' contain one or some of these.

    Replace it with cereals, rice treat, breakfast tart, etc. which are made from organic whole wheat, raw turbinado sugar, brown rice, unrefined organic maltose without any artificial colorings and preservatives. Some of Whole Foods and Trader’s Joe’s store brand are good. Make sure you read ingredients. Also Amy’s Organic is very reliable brand.

    For Energy Bars / Power Bars replace it with organic raw bars, such as Lara Bars and Raw Revolution)

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    (Conventional) White Breads, Biscuits, Bagles, and Muffins

    Replace it with organic whole wheat bread without any refined sugar and additives

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    Personal Hygiene Products

    Anti-Aging Cream
    After Shave
    Cotton Swaps
    Body Lotion
    Body Moisturizer
    Bar Soap
    Face Lotion
    Liquid Soap
    Lip Balm


    Cotton Pad
    Face Powder

    Eye Liner
    Eye Shadow
    Lip Gloss
    Setting Spray

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    Read Vegan Diet Weight Loss page for more details about how often different grains, processed vegan foods, fruits, vegetables, and other foods should be eaten on daily basis.

    Click here to locate health food stores in your area.

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    Well-Known Addictive Substances

    Drugs, alcohol, tobacco – these are plain abominable addiction. These must be avoid and replaced with exercise, meditation, Holodynamics, fulfilling career. Exercise especially helps because it helps release of endorphin.

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    Anything with (artificial) additives should be avoided all together even if it says natural flavor, unless it specifically states which ingredient is it. Click here to read more why.

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  • Other Stuffs

  • Well-Known Addictive Substances

    Other Stuffs

    Artificial Additives and Preservatives

    Well-Known Addictive Substances

    Legal and Illegal Drugs

    Artificial Additives and Preservatives

    There are also artificial preservatives and colors which must be avoided as well.

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