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Official opinion about sugar has been controversial, however, the detrimental effect of refined sugar to human body has been known for hundreds of years. Also, many people know or heard that sugar is bad, but not so sure about the reasons. This page will explain in details why refined sugar is bad for health.

Not all sugar is bad. Sugar in raw fruits and vegetables are good despite of some experts say about fruits having High Glycemic Index therefore it is bad. I will explain in the sugar in raw fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods sections that why this is so, in contrast to what some of these experts say about the fruits. The truly bad sugars are the refined sugar – commonly known as (granulated) Brown and White Sugar.

Brown sugar is slightly more harmful then white sugar, since it has been 'burned' slightly from white sugar in order get that darker color through carameling process.

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Refined Sugar vs Raw Sugar – Overview

White sugar is refined sugar. It is called simple sugar, or sucrose for scientific name. White sugar is made from processing sugar cane or sugar beets. It is pure carbohydrate food. Except 0.5% in it, 99.5% is nothing but sugar with no nutritions, minerals, and vitamins.

One sucrose molecule is made out of one glucose molecule and one fructose molecule. That moldecular bond between two is easily broken. Once those bonds are broken, they can be absorbed directly through stomach wall without digestion process. These two types of molecules go through same chemical processes in cells called glycolysis that turn sugar into energy, water, and carbon dioxide. This is the main process that gives off energy which runs human body metabolism.

When you read food labels in supermarket and read "sugar," it means refined sugar. Refined sugar is bad because it is sugar and nothing else plus harmful trace chemicals added in the refinery processes.

In nature, raw sugar cane is combined with array of different enzymes, 3 different vitamins, and 7 different minerals. Also, in nature, these sugar molecules are bonded with vitamins and minerals which make them easy to be absorbed in body. Read more about why vitamin, minerals, and other things such as enzymes which are naturally present are so important and refining them out to make pure sugar is sure way to damage health.

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Toxic Substances in Sugar – how white and brown sugars are processed

There are three main steps in sugar refining process – 1. Getting sugar sap from sugar cane or sugar beet, 2. Refining, and 3. Crystallizing. First, sugar cane is harvested and sap is correct from its stem. This sap is acidic so calcium hydroxide is added to neutralize acidity. At the same time sap is strained once to start concentration process. When crystallization starts from concentrated sap, it goes into centrifuge machine which separates sugar power. This is raw sugar.

The color of raw sugar is similar to light brown sugar, but nutritionally, it is not same as light brown sugar, but better because it retains vitamins and minerals present in raw cane sugar. In order to make white or brown sugar, this raw sugar is further refined. The further refining process start with melting raw sugar back into water, then filter through series of white mud, activated carbon, diatomite, ion exchange chromatograpy, etc., then start concentration process in low pressure. Original sugar cane has 10-15% of sugar concentration and rest of it is water, fiber, enzyme, vitamin, and minerals. Refined sugar has 99.5% sucrose and 0.5% water.

During ion exchange chromatography refinery process, many different chemicals are used for refining and bleaching sugar. Some of these chemicals are styrene, divinylacetylene benzol, benzol peroxide, polyvinyl alcohol, bentonite, concentrated sulfuric acid, methacrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, methyl chloride, diethylenetriamine (DETA) etc.

These substances are mainly for industrial use. For example, polyvinyl alcohol is used in covering light bulb to make color light. Styrene is used for coating materials. These chemicals used in ion exchange chromatography are regarded as lethal poison. Sodium hydroxide is used in making soap and considered lethal toxin. When these are used to bleach sugar, it cannot be said that these chemicals are not leaking from ion exchange chromatograpy process.

Bentonite is used in this process, which is used to suck off any nutritious protein out of raw sugar. Bentonite adsorbs fairly large amounts of protein molecules from liquid solutions. It is useful not only in the sugar refining process, but also in winemaking, because bentonite remove excessive protein from white wines. Due to proteins denature in wine, if bentonite is not used, many or most white wines would have clouds or hazes when exposed to warmer temperatures. It is used in both red and white wines to make them clearer.

The sugar refining industry often uses bone char (calcinated animal bones) for decolorizing. About 25% of sugar produced in the U.S. is processed using animal bone char as a filter. Next section explain why this is dangerous. Rest 75% are processed with activated carbon.

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Mad Cow Disease (CJD)

It seems unlikely that refined sugar may be agent of mad cow disease, but it is – due to animal bone char used in sugar filtering process.

From January 2004 to April 2005, in the 12 inspected plants by the US Department of Agriculture 29 cows which couldn't walk were processed (that is, killed and turned into meat for human consumption). Among those 29, 20 of them did not have any serious external injury, which means these were probably having mad cow disease.

This is just tip of iceburg because every year, about 37 million cows are killed but only 40,000 tested, which are less then 1% of total slaughtered population.

The CJD, the mad cow disease is caused by prion. Prion is a type of protein that is infectious like virus. Prion tends to accumulate in SRM (= Specific Risk Material) area of cow – eye, tonsil, central nerve system (brain and back bone), and internal organs. Over 90% of prion is accumulated in these areas. These areas are supposed to be removed to reduce CJD risk. However, in practice usually these are never removed when cows are processed.

The temperature required to kill prion is 1600F (400C – four times of water boiling temperature), and large sawing knife in the process plant which routinely cut and back bone in longitudinal half never go through this steriliation process. They were merely dipped into hot water to clean off blood stains.

1998 in US, the law was edited not to feed cow by products to cows. However, there is no enforcement in US. FDA can only 'ask' big agricultural businesses to comply with the laws.

So bone meal is continuously fed to cows in US. When making bone meal, the SRM (= Specific Risk Material) area, which are cow body section that contain most prion (abnormal protein that cause CJD, the mad cow disease), are grinded up and included. In an average rendering plant, usually 1 truck load of bone meals are produced in 1 hour. This bone meal is fed to beef, chicken, and hog. There are many other dangerous materials that go in into bone meal that even if it there was no CJD, if you read it, you will not feel comfortable eating meat after this.

25% of sugar produced in the U.S. is processed using animal bone char as a filter, the remainder being processed with activated carbon. One of SRM area is back bone of cow. The prion in back bone can withstand less then 1600F of heat. As a result even if bone is totally coalified, prion in it can still be infectious.

According to Howard Lyman, the Mad Cowboy, an elderly hospital located in Pitzburg, Pennsylvania wih Yale University studied the altzhemier patients in the hospital, 13% of them did not have altzheimer, but had CJD (mad cow disease). Considering there are 4.5 million altzhemier patients in US, there could be hundreds of thousands of CJD people and even more people who are carriers, since the latent period (incubation period of a disease) could be more then 30-40 years.

To read more about CJD, the mad cow disease, click here.

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Vitamin and Mineral Depletion – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

During the chemical process to turn sugar into energy, body needs variety of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals to break down sugar to release energy. One of the essential elements is vitamin B1 (Thiamin). If a person eats sugar but do not eat enough Vitamin B1, the sugar cannot effectively process in the body thus a person become energiless even if the person keeps eating sugar.

If a person does not take any vitamin B1, then body use up vitamin B1 that is already present in the body. Consequently, vitamin B1 deficiency results. One of the symptoms of vitamin B1 deficiency is always feeling tired. Vitamin B1 depletion is one of the major causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. Vitamin B compounds are important for normal brain function, DNA synthesis, and blood functions.

Some people claim that it is ok to eat refined sugar if additional vitamin B1 pills are taken. In that case, Vitamin B1 problem may be resolved, but other problems still remains such as depletion of other vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fibers. For example, vitamin E is also very important in food made out of sugar and carbohydrate (carbohydrate is essentially sugar with many bonds), but refined sugar also lacks vitamin E.

Many other minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that are naturally present in whole unprocessed foods are also important because these are required for glucose to turn into energy. When people eat refined foods, which are without minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, human body takes away all of these which are already stored in organs, tissues, and bones. This led to symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiency. Mineral deficiency symptom is always feel tired (again..) which is similar to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Refined sugar is depleted with all enzymes as well. One of the sign of enzyme depletion is feeling tired (again..) and minor wounds are not healed easily. By now, it should be clear to readers that eating refined sugar in regular basis is sure way to make you always tired. This lack of vitamin and mineral by the way, also leads to dizziness which too many people, especially women experience nowadays.

If you look at sugar history and see how much refined sugar consumption has been increased, it is no wonder that so many people feel tired all the time in this modern times.

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Calcium Depletion

Our body is designed to maintain blood pH level from pH7.2 to pH7.4, which is weak alkaline. When our body and blood is moving to acidity, our immune system stops working; minor cuts and bruises are not healed easily. This is why human body always tries to maintain blood in weak alkaline. However, when we eat refined sugar, our blood becomes acidic.

When this happens, body saps out calcium, the alkaline substance stored in bone, in order to neutralize the acidity in blood. So when we eat foods with an amount of refined sugar, such as candy, cookie, cracker, chocolate bar, etc., our blood become acidic and calcium in our bones are drained as a result. Milk does the same thing to our body, which is contrary to conventional wisdom. Milk is acidic, thus also make blood acidic. Milk takes out calcium in our bone instead of strengthen bone. Click here to read more about how milk cause calcium loss in our body.

As sugars breaks down and go through metabolizing processes to be used as energy in cells, sugars turn into water and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is carried into blood to be carried out of body through lung. Carbon dioxide in liquid makes liquid acidic. If body's metabolism slows down due to lack of exercise, vitamins, and minerals, carbon dioxide are not as efficiently gotten rid of in blood, which make blood acidic as well. By the way, breathing faster does not help in getting rid of CO2 more efficient. Making red blood cell healthy through intake of iron and other vitamins and minerals does.

Draining calcium from bone causes osteoporosis and cavities. Also sugar permeates soft tissue of mouth and stays there for quiet a time even after brushing. Bacteria inside mouth eat that sugar which in turn produces acidic substance which makes cavities worse. So it is a good idea to eat some greens or swish your mouth with water before brushing if you are going to finish a meal with sugar rich foods.

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Prevent Protein Absorption

Professor Goike in Japan said "Overeating sugar destroys lysine, which is a type of amino acid that is essential in children's developmental process. Protein is made out of amino acid; therefore overeating sugar drops protein's nutrition value." This is due to Maillard Reaction. In 1912, Louis Camille Maillard, a physician and chemist, was suspecting about low nutrition value of condensed milk. He discovered that when protein was boiled with sugar added, they react with each other and drop protein’s nutritional value.

In 1951 Baldwin added onto this experiment by boiling milk protein mixed with refined sugar, amino acid such as lysine and arginine are rapidly broken down. Also in animal experiement which fed protein mixed with sugar, amino acid such as histidine, methionine, threonine were destroyed as well. Methionine and threonine are essential amino acids.
(R.R.Baldwin, J.R.Fowry & R.Thiessen ; Food Reaearch 16 107 1951)

Also generally for an average person, when refined sugar intake is over 150 to 200g, the white blood cell’s activities become sluggish. Sluggish white blood cell directly translates into weakened immune system. Also weakened bone due to blood acidity translate into weakens immune system.

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High Blood Pressure

Refined sugar causes high blood pressure in two ways. First, since refined sugar cause vitamin and mineral depletion, much sugar are not properly utilized and/or stored. These flooting sugars in the blood cause blood to become sticky, which in turn cause the blood pressure high.

The other way how the refined sugar rises blood pressure is by causing omega-6 fatty acid to inflammatory condition. To read more about this, read the entire section, EFA Deficiency in US in refined sugar page.

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Indigestion of Other Foods

According to research done by Professor Ariyama in Japan, in empty stomach, if sugar goes into it, the stomach movement becomes weakened. This is one of the major reasons why people feel less hungry suddenly when they eat sweet stuffs.

Concentrated sugar liquid takes 1 hour or more to dilute enough to go through the stomach. This again hinders digestion process and makes food to stay longer then it should in the stomach. This damages stomach which can lead to ulcer. Food stay long time in stomach causes food to ferment which also cause stomach gas and heartburn.

Also refined sugar can be directed absorbed through stomach lining to blood stream that makes sugar concentration in blood to rise high very quick which is bad for health. To read more about this, read refined flour section, Refined Flour, Insulin, and Glycemic Index and Refined Flour and Fat.

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Glycemic Index and Refined Sugar

When a person eats whole foods that contain starch, the energy source in the food is slowly broken down into sugar, so insuline can be slowly released to bind with sugar to control sugar level. However refined sugar is just one step away from single molecule, thus there is not much digestion to do. This cause sugar to be absorbed and released into blood, which raise blood sugar level very fast.

Excess sugar in blood causes damage to cells. So when blood is high in sugar, pancreas releases excess amount of insuline into blood in order to quickly convert excess sugar in blood into fatty acids (= triglycerides). This process make pancreas to overwork due to fast insuline production. If this process is repeated, pancreas is damaged and finally cannot produce insulin any more. This is diabetes.

By releasing insuline, cells are not damaged by high sugar level in blood, but it also leaves a person with famished feeling due to sudden drop of sugar level in blood. This in turn leads to overeating. Clinical trials proved people ate almost twice as much after high GI meals compared to low GI meals.

There is something else to be said in the process of sugar released in blood and insuline binds with it to control sugar level. When insuline is released in such quantity so fast, sugar level drop dramatically which make body to feel energeless, unstable, and emotionally sensitive (this is called Hypoglycaemia in medical term). Thus sudden energy from sugar rush by eating refined sugar is inevitably accoupanied by sudden feeling of energelessness. As a result people eat more sweet stuff to regain energy, but then crash comes again.

The pancreas is not the only organ that is involved in this process to regulate sugar level in blood. In order to increase the dropped sugar level, the body releases a type of hormone called glucagon, which adjust the blood sugar level to go up again. However, due to such frequent rolling of blood sugar level, the organs which take care of such functions including adrenal glands (which are above kidneys) are disabled. Weakened adrenal glands equates to low tolerance to stress.

Refined sugar and refined grain products (white flour, white rice) are high Glycemic Index(GI) foods. Glycemic Index is about a measure of a food that when it is eaten, how much sugar from the food is released how fast into blood. Higher GI index, faster and greater amount of sugar is released.

Eating refined foods is bad enough, but refined sugar and refined grains are often the main ingredients of baked and fried foods. Why do these cooking processes make foods worse for health? High temperature baking and especially frying process make carbohydrate particles even smaller, which make carbohydrate to break down faster, resulting higher GI index. These cooking precesses also make chemical bonds of starch more brittle, so to make them break down more easily which makes GI index even higher.

Also these foods are often accompanied with high fat. Fat slows gastric emptying (= process of stomach getting emptied from foods); this may result even more accelerated refined sugar absorption since refined sugar can be absorbed from stomach lining directly to blood stream. As a result, these foods can be absorbed before they reach into small intestine thus making GI index even higher.

The sudden rush of sugar level in blood makes appetite to decline. As a result, people do not want to eat mild food as nature offers but seeks spicier and strong tasted food. Many strong tasted foods are not whole food or natural food, but processed and refined food with plenty of additives. This leads to other health problems.

To read more about how refined sugar and flour is related to organ damage (other then pancreas), weight gain, and chronic fatigue syndrome, read two sections in refined flour, Refined Flour, Insulin, and Glycemic Index, and Refined Flour and Fat.

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Liver, Blood, and Fat

Excess sugar in the body is partially used as energy and rest of them are stored in liver as glycogen, which causes liver to become fat. The fat in the liver causes hepatocirrhosis (destruction and hardening of liver) which can further develop as liver cancer. Liver is so important in getting rid of toxins in our body along with other important functions. If liver does not function, the health goes downhill.

If everything cannot be stored as glycogen, the rest of them are synthesized as triglyceride which is a type of fatty acid. This fatty acid is stored as subcutaneous fat that is under skin and above muscle – this is fat which people generally regard as body fat. On average, enzymes that convert sugar into triglyceride are most present around stomach. This is why stomach and love handle comes out the first when most people start to gain weight.

The triglyceride will also float around in blood vessel and accumulate on vessel walls. This cause arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries) and heart attack. Also triglyceride makes blood sticky. As a result, white blood cells become sluggish and not readily respond to any invasion from outside body – weakened immune system.

If you have cold, one of the essential requirements to get better fast is not to eat any form of refined sugar. This has been known for centuries, yet due to reasons for profit, it has been obscured and people ignore it due to their denial of addiction to sguar. Click here for more information.

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Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is common these days. But is sugar addiction really an addiction? Yes, scientists proved that something like addiction to sugar does indeed exist. Refined sugar gives intense sweet taste and pleasure that goes along with it. Many people can't go without it. Anybody with a sweet tooth knows too well how addictive sweets can be. Eat a piece of sweet stuff then start to want more and more of it. For some, it can become an almost insatiable craving.

Eating refined sugar was practically none existent in the past. Today it is included in almost everything people eat in prepackaged foods and in restaurants – soups, sauces, muffins, breads, cookies, spreads, jellies, chips, and etc. Refined sugar is included in 90 % + in processed convenience foods. People eat these foods in daily basis, which is one of the leading causes of the obesity. If these foods were to be withdrawn, most of people would experience sugar addiction symptoms to some degree.

People who are addicted to refined sugar include many foods with sugar in their diet. If these foods are denied, they may experience symptoms like panic attacks, irritability, mood swings, anxiety, and frustration. They will also experience intense cravings for sugary foods along with headaches, slight tremors, and fantasizing about high-sugar foods. When they do get access to sugar rich foods, they will get an instantaneous rush and instantly satisfied.

Recently researchers induced rats to binge on sugar, and they discovered that when they were deprived of the sugar they displayed typical withdrawal symptoms, such as tremors, chattering of teeth, and brain chemistry changes, similar to drug withdrawal.

Refined sugar activates the production of the natural opioids of the brain. Opioids are naturally produced brain chemicals that have a morphine-like effect in the body. Some people can produce more, some people, less.

Activation of opioids production in brain happens when people are happy, when accomplished something meaningful, and even from eating fresh fruits and vegetables. What the brain does is, remember what activates opioids production and then build 'incentive system' with behavior or things that will activate opioid production.

Sugar also activates this too, but when we eat sugar, we get all these bad things on top of it. When something is called addiction, it means something bad goes along with it in the end. If a person does something but gives only good thing, that is not called addiction – just like moderate amount of exercise, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and etc.

We are biologically evolved to eat fresh fruits and vegetables mainly, so if we don't eat fruits and vegetable, our body does not give symptom as drug withdrawl, instead, we get diseased and/or die. Not eating fresh fruits and vegetables cause many bodily functions to be hampered and make life difficult such as having chronic fatigue syndrome.

It should be also noted that any addictive substances, including refined sugar, tend to have their consumption rate go up over time in history. Another substance that people think they are not addicted, but most people are, is cheese. Cheese has casein morphine, which has 1/10th strength of morphine used in hospital.

Cheese and dairy products, along with refined sugar and refined flour, are major cause of obesity.

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Some other known health effects of refined sugar

  • Increased insulin in blood accelerates aging.
  • Increased glucose in blood causes protein glycation, which affects some tissues and systems negatively (ex. hypertension).
  • Flatulence (fart), constipation, and gall stone formation.
  • Acne (pustules are filled with unmetabolized carbohydrates).
  • Mental disorders
  • Food, caffeine, and drug addiction.
  • Adrenal glands exhaustion (= kidney glands = suprarenal glands) – These glands enable human to deal with stress. When it is exhausted, a person cannot cope with stress effectively. Americans and people in the world in general increasingly do not want to deal with stress and seek easier life at the expense of morality. Sugar is one of the main causes of this.
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Arthritis

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What Sugar Industries Say about Refined Sugar

The established nutrition professionals say sugar is positive despite of all this. On the other hand, some nutritional professionals says sugar is bad – even the sugar in fruits. Both of these opinions are wrong, or more accurately, both have half truth. Later this section, I will discuss why sugar in raw fruits and other whole unprocessed foods are not same as refined sugar. Sugar industry and the defenders of sugar industry say sugar is natural food because it has been extracted from sugar cane and sugar beets. They say sugar is essential in human development and maintaining energy level. They say sugar is also part of food pyramid which is included in carbohydrate.

From 1976 to 1986, FDA has conducted research about "sugar's effect on human body." The person who headed this research was FDA's top researcher Dr. Allan Forbes. He concluded that sugar has nothing to do with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease and announced in 1986 in conference with reporters from London Times, Daily Mails. However he put the precondition that only under the circumstance when sugar is moderately consumed.

A couple of questions arise from this point; why people who eat sweet fruit every day, every meal in quiet large amount, such as many raw vegans, gets healthier and healthier? Also why many people who eat moderately amount of refined sugar every day become obese, get high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes? Some people may say that is because those people eat meat. The truth is, many people who eat meat only occasionally can get diabetes.

When Dr. Allan Forbes put the precondition that only under the circumstance when sugar is moderately consumed, that meant sugar must be accompanied with other foods. Dr. Allan Forbes was right in that sugar has to be consumped in moderate amount, but he was clever to not to include the word "refined." What he actually meant was sugar must be accompanied by appropriate vitamins and minerals. Then why so many people who eat multi-vitamin every day have such problem?

Because they don't get it from naturally source. Vitamins and minerals in natural whole foods are different from pills in that they are absorbed much more and faster then in form of pill. Also raw fruits and vegetables have antioxidants which pills do not have. Thus natural form of food product body from potential or further damage, whereas pill cannot do that.

Also, even if a person eats antioxidant pills along with vitamin and mineral pills, it is still not same as eating whole foods. For example, beta carotene is effectively absorbed only when taken in conjunction with one or all of the 500 other carotenoids naturally present in vegetables. Pills cannot do this.

It is certain that white sugar is from natural plant, but during the manufacturing process, it has lost all vitamins and minerals essential for human body and thus far from natural food as it used to before the refining process. Same goes with most of processed food in the supermarket that people eat every day.

It is not that sugar itself is poison (aside from possible chemicals and CJD added during refinery process), but the problem is that it is refinedsame goes with refined white flour. Any processed and refined food that has its part of or all of nutrition stripped off; that is problem. The reason is human body is evolutionarily design to consume whole food, not refined or processed food. So body expects sugar and starch to be accompanied to chorus of vitamin, minerals and enzymes. When the food are lacking, these are extracted from body in order to make sugar go through chemical process to be used as energy; and pills can never completely replace these – although they may supplement to certain degree.

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Sugar History

The effect of refined sugar on health has been long known. However, usually majority of people don't pay attention to these information but are more interested in satisfying material and sensual desires and impulses. There has been some effort to let the detrimental effect of refined sugar known, but they never gained much ground due to lack of support. Click here to read about sugar history.

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Disease Statisticscaused mainly by eating meat, refined flour, refined sugar, and artificial flavors.

    Heart Disease
    • Every day 1700 dies
    • Every year at least 1 trillion dollars are used to cure hardened artery.

    • Every year, there is 1 million new colon cancer patients
    • Every year 600,000 people die from colon cancer
    • Every year in US, about 6.5 billion dollars are spent to treat colon cancer
    • Several millions of people contract cancer caused by meat eating
    • Every year there are 246 million new diabetes patients
    • Every year 174 billion dollars are used in order to treat diabetes.

    • World wide 1.6 billion people are obese in the world
    • Every year more then 400 million adults are spending 93 billion dollars in order to treat obesity.
    • Every year 2.6 million dies from obesity or obesity related disease.
    • Meat raising polluted 70% of drinkable water in the world – due to animal fecal matters.

    And there are a lot more.

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Sugar Blues – a case of stop eating refined sugar

Sugar Blues by William Dufty

There was an occasion where William Dufty was in a reporter's conference and he was about to put white sugar in his coffee cup. The actress Gloria Swanson saw this and said eating white sugar is like eating lethal toxic to commit suicide and explained in some details. When he returned home that day, he threw out all foods with white sugar.

For 48 hours without white and other types of refined sugar, he endured withdrawal symptoms like drug addicts, such as agitation, headache, and upset stomach. Such conditions continued 24 hours and more. Then miracle happened (as he said). Bleeding in his anus and gum which tormented him for years disappeared completely. Swellen tissues on his body start to become firmer. After 5 months without sugar, he lost 30 kg (66 lb). After that, he never went near to pharmacies and hospitals again.

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Sugar in Raw Fruits, Vegetables, and Other Whole Foods

As you can see in the section, "What Sugar Industries Say about Refined Sugar," sugar in raw fruits and vegetable in its natural and whole form is benefitial. If there is a way to add back all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and etc. to refined sugar then eaten, it will be fine to eat refined sugar just like raw fruits and vegetables. So far, there is no way to do that; besides, it is such a waste of resource and labor to extract those nutrients and add back. Why not just eat raw fruits and vegetables when they taste good as they are.

Some people say fruits and vegetables do not taste good as processed foods that contain white sugar. If this is the case, then you are already addicted to refined sugar. Please read "Glycemic Index and Refined Sugar," especially next to last paragraph of that section. Also majority of people have not had organic fruits and vegetables often enough, so that means they don't know the true natural taste of these whole foods either.

Water in fruits and vegetables are hexagons just like snow flakes. Reason why water molecules become hexagon is due to the angles of molecular charge difference in a single water molecule. This angle form hexagon holds additional energy and is released when this form is broken. This energy is energizing energy for human.

This is one of the reasons why when we drink water that has been deep frozen then melted taste fresh and sweet. Refined sugar do not have this water; neither does faucet water (although one can make faucet water 6 sided through various means).

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Invisible Refined Sugar Hiding in Foods

This is average sugar contents of foods in supermarket shelves.

  • Bread 15%
  • Ketchup 27%
  • Ice Cream 23-33%
  • Coke 11-13%
    For 600ml of coke, sugar in total percentage is 11%. In weight, this is equal to 66gram of sugar which is about 18 sugar cubes. Can you imagine put in 18 sugar cubes in your tea or coffee?
  • Soda 11%
    For 500ml of soda, sugar in total percentage is 10.5%. In weight, this is equal to 52.5 grams of refined sugar which is about 14 sugar cubes.
  • In every soft drink of any type, sugar is included at least 1 to 3 table spoons. For a list of sugar content in soft drinks, click here.

White sugar is in cookies, crackers, chips, ice cream, yogurt, fruit juice, coke, gum, coffee, ketchup, spreads, sauce, pickle, ham, sausage, ramen, and other processed foods. Almost every foods made from factories have refined sugar as ingredients. Most processed foods also have food preservatives – even in alcohole and cigar has refined sugar in them.

If you see "sugar" in the ingredient list, that is refined white sugar. Brown sugar is not better, but worse. If it says "milled cane sugar," "evaporated cane juice," "raw cane sugar," or "unrefined cane sugar" then that is a lot better – because they still contain minerals and vitamins without any harmful chemicals. Most products with unrefined cane sugar are found mostly in Whole Food – unfortunately. The irony here is, refined sugar cost more to produce then unrefined raw sugar. However, the proce of the product with unrefined raw sugar is more expensive because there are less demand for it. I hope that people educate themselves and demand from retailers and manufactures to replace the refined sugar from unrefined raw sugar.

The ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and maltose have many similar effects on our body as refined sugar because they are also refined products without any enzymes, vitamins, and minerals which were taken out during refinery process.

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Types of Refined Sugar and Other Nutrition Depleted Sugar

    Brown Sugar
    Normally people would think brown sugar would come out first when sugar cane is squeezed, then as refinery process continues the brown sugar become white sugar. Not so.

    Raw sugar is refined. The resulting clear liquid is water with refined sugar. Dry this liquid and white sugar come out. If you boil this a little more, it becomes yellow sugar due to caramelization. Boil a little more and add caramel or molass then it is dark brown sugar.

    Although raw sugar looks similar to light brown sugar, there is a quiet a lot of difference in it. If you are thinking of switching to raw sugar, you can get them in Trader’s Joe, Whole Foods, and other health stores.

    High Fructose Corn Syrup
    These days, high fructose corn syrup is replacing sugar in processed foods. This is made out of corn through fermentation process. However, there is not much difference between high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar, except it has about 5% more fructose then sugar because it is as thoroughly refined as white sugar. As a refult, it has similar effect on body as refined sugar.

    Also it should be noted that as of 2007, 91% and 73% of corn grown in the US were genetically engineered.

    Caramel (=E150):
    This is made from refined sugar. It has an orange-brown color and sweet toasted flavor due the caramelization of sugar. Caramel is used to flavor candy and food coloring, as well as soft drinks like Coca-Cola.

    Golden syrup:
    A thick, amber colored form of sugar syrup. This is done by treating refined sugar solution with acid.


    Fructose intake by eating the whole fruit is not bad, just as the sucrose intake by eating the whole sugar cane is not bad. Refined fructose is as bad as refined sugar for the same reasons. Any refined types of sugar and carbohydrates are bad for body due to their lack of mineral and vitamins, and chemical process of refining them.

    Just because juices are labeled 'no sugar added' does not mean all the sweetness has came from fruit. Most juices sold are from "concentrated." Before explaining what this really means, there is something to be said about USDA labeling law. According to USDA, a manufacture do not have to state that there is sugar in the juice of, say grape juice, if the process of making grape concentrate itself involved putting a lot of refined sugar.

    Usually fruit concentrates are produced in a factory then sold to other factories which uses them to produce other food items. When the fruit concentration is shipped to other factories to make fruit juices, water and other stuffs are added to make them taste better.

    So the next best choice of juice is juice not from concentrate, but most of them are pasteurized. Pastuerization denature enzymes and destroy some vitamins. However, this is much better then juice made from concentrate because of two reasons. First, you don't know how much sugar they put during the concentration process. Second, long heating concentration process is much more destructive to enzymes and vitamins them the quick pasteurization process.

    The best option is to just eat the whole fresh fruit.

    Regarding maltose, if it is unfiltered maltose from whole grain, it is superior then refined sugar. If it is refined and filtered, it is as bad as white sugar. Also nowadays manufacturers 'make maltose' directly from refined sugar.

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Alternative to Refined Sugar

If you want sweet stuffs in cooking, use raw turbinado sugar or raw honey, which has more minerals and vitamins. Raw sugar can be found in Whole Foods, Trader's Joe, health food stores, and internet stores. If you go to Whole Foods and look at their store brand 356 Organic Wheat Square Crackers, you will see that instead of using sugar, they used "organic evaporated cane juice." This is same as raw sugar.

If you are really craving sugar stuffs, instead of eating sweet stuffs in package, eat sweet fruits. If you really want to eat muffins, cakes, pies, and etc., instead of conventional version, try the ones that are made out of whole grain and raw cane sugar (=raw turbinado sugar, also called evaporated cane juice, milled cane sugar and etc.). Generally, Whole Foods have the best selection along these lines, although Trader's Joe has too.

In order to get out of harmful effect of refined sugar, refined grain, and other harmful chemicals, carefully read the ingredient and reject any products that says; flour, enriched flour, sugar, and other chemicals. Among the wheat bread, the best option would be sprouted organic whole grain bread (why sprouted? Click here). The bread made with brown rice or barley is good option, too. If the bread or cookies are made with rice, make sure they are made with brown rice. It is always good idea to eat organic, because organic foods contain more vitamin and minerals which makes GI index automatically lower. If a processed food has USDA Organic label, it means at least 95% of ingredients are organic.

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