Diet and Mental Health
How does Diet affect your physical health?

If you have visited meat page, you have probably read that every emotions in human and animals have corresponding chemicals in the body. When animals face death during slaughter process, chemicals corresponding to those emotions are released to bloods and muscles. Also, these factory animals live in extremely filthy and abusive environment in all their lives, so one can imagine how much of these chemicals are loaded in their meat.

There are many other ways meat affect mental health other then this.

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Meat and Nitrogen Compounds

Meat has many nitrogen compounds including Urea (carbamide (NH2)2CO), uric acid, and purin (a type of nitrogenous base). Purin stimulates and excites our cell, especially nerve and brain cells, thus increases eating and sex desires.

Eating meat every day keeps nervous system in constant stimulated state. This dulls the senses which in turn results craving for increased external stimuli; in intensity and amount – to get the same level of sensation and excitement. As a result, people crave more and more intense stimuli resulting sweeter, saltier, and greasier stuffs.

Gradually, this has effect on people's mental character. They lose touch with their inner selves and introspection is difficult to do – not to mention due to disrupted hormone system from eating hormone overloaded meat and dairy products. People are taken over by need to stimulate using external means which drive the society into even more materialism.

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Oil, Refined Sugar and Flour

Between brain cells they communicate by exchanging chemicals between synapses. The entire neuron is surrounded and protected by myelin sheath which is also called Schwann cells. If myelin sheath is damaged, the neuron's ability to send message is damaged.

Myelin sheath is damaged by excess inflammation and liver damage. This has essential link to consuming too much of omega-6 oil and eating refined sugar and refined flour.

To repair schwann cells, (=myelin sheathes), progesterone is helpful. However, the hormones in animal meat disrupts progesterone's role and is also related to other mental diseases. If serotonin lacks a person fall into depression. Serotonin is the information transfer material between neurons.

Another important factor that contributes to the health of myelin sheath, other then these acids is omega-3, which is explained in this page as well.

In order to increase brain stability and maintain optimum state, avoid all animal protein including milk and egg. Animal flesh tends to damage liver due to its high toxic content. Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, raw nuts and raw seeds are best for brain.

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Refined Sugar (include white and brown sugar) and Refine Flour (white flour)

Everyone knows that one of reason why people eat too much sweets and fat is to improve their mood. When this becomes a repeated pattern, this can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, mental instability, sensitivity, and depression. Depression is partially induced by addiction to refined sugar, and remedy for this depression, people eat more sugary stuffs, which make addiction even worse.

Refined flour also gives similar effect of 'kick and crash' although it is not as same as sugar addiction.

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Mineral Depletion and Heavy Metal Poisoning

According to Bernard Rimland and Gerald Larson, poor nutrition is responsible for antisocial behavior. The hyper activity, attention deficit, depression, and other mental problem are deeply related to mal-nutrition.

High levels of certain minerals, especially lead and cadmium, and low levels of other minerals, especially potassium and sodium, tend to be associated with undesirable behavior. There is a need for vigorous attempts to eliminate sources of environmental exposure to heavy metals and for further study of the role of mineral excesses and deficiencies in human health and behavior.

According to study done by Dr. Herbert Needleman in the past 4 years of 800 public high school students in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (published in the Journal of American Medical Association), the kids with delinquent tendency have higher lead in their bone then those who are not.

Lead damage brain and it debilitates mental ability to suppress impulsive behavior. This research reflected family background, socio-economic background, siblings relation, and both parents present, race, blood type, and health. The study showed that lead accumulation in the bone outdid all of these influences.

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Omega-3 – Essential Fatty Acid

Between brain cells they communicate by exchanging chemicals between synapses. Also myelin sheath, which surrounds and protect neuron is very important in neuron communication as well.

In order for brain cell to maintain fluidity of cell membrane and recognize message correctly, both Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids are required. Americans get too much of Omega-6 and not enough Omega-3. The ratio between Omega-3 and Omega-6 should be 1:1 to 1:4, but average Americans' ratio is 1:20 to 1:40.

On average, babies who drank mother’s milk have high IQ is because mother’s milk is rich in Omega-3 and has DHA. If mother eat plenty of green vegetables and raw nuts and seeds, during breast feeding the quality of breast milk become even better.

Among the fatty acids that constitutes brain cell, DHA is the major part of these fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acid is separated into EPA and DHA in human body. DHA is essential nutrient for brain and eye.

Omega-3 depletion results depression. According to a clinical study, people with different level of EPA in their red blood cell were separated into 4 different groups, top 25%, second 25%, third 25%, and the last 25%. Comparing these groups, the lowest 25% group had suicide rate increase in 8%.

EPA can be synthesized in the body if there are enough linolenic acid intakes. Linolenic acid is most abundant in perilla seeds and soy bean.

Also, for normal activity of brain, vitamin B compounds are necessary. Vitamin B compounds helps neuron’s function to run smoothly, and also involved in DNA synthesis and red blood functions. For the proper intake of vitamin B compounds, whole grain is the best.

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Table of Nutrition and Mental Disease from their Deficiencies

This table shows many mental diseases are related to poor nutrition. It gives list of nutrition and mental diseases cause by each nutrition deficiencies.

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Food Additives

Any addictive food that you eat is detrimental to mental health. Red Dye 40 is especially notorious mental effect on children. Benzaldehyde, Borneol, Caffeine, and other additives causes negative mental effect.

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Replacement Recommendation

  • Eat whole grains. There is something to be noted about grains. All grains are acid forming. However, brown rice is alkaline forming.
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits every meal.
  • Have raw nuts and seeds available always and eat moderate amount every day.
  • Do not eat meat, instead eat soy and tofu.
  • Never eat things with artificial preservatives, refined sugar, refined flour, refined salt, animal products, concentrated fruit juice, supermarket shelf oil, fried food, and heavily processed food.
Also take a look at Vegan Weight Loss pages to eat how much of what types of foods.

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Traumatic Events

Before looking at mental health, there is one essential aspect of health you should look at – Dental Health. It may be odd that dental health affects your mental health, but it does. The mercury in the metal filling cause chronic depression. If you have mercury filling, it is recommended that you replace it with resin filling.

Most Americans and people in this world went through at least a type of trauma in certain stage of their life. People think they have lived normal life either because they have forgotten or don’t regard it as trauma although they have physiological effect that can be identified as trauma reaction. The truth is most people live in ignorance about mental health and it is an understatement to say people have problems.

The subject of mental health and its related topic has been taboo. A lot of stigma attached to it that people do not openly discuss about it. Our school system never teaches about this and neither our parents do.

Treating mind and body separately is not a right way to achieve health. Mind and body are inexplicably related. While it is not acknowledged in Western medicine, Oriental medicine does.

The first is to understand the symptom – obesity in this case – that you have is related to your past experience and it is giving physiological symptom, unbalanced paradigm and behavior. There are two best books to understand this matter. Generally people don’t want to read books but in my humble opinion these two are essential for everyone.

Holodynamics is one of the most effective ways to change your thinking patterns and paradigms – click on the link to read more.

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The cleaner you are on the outside, the more pure you perceive yourself on the inside and thus make better decisions. True? Many people would think that's absurd, but new research in Psychological Science has found that the physical notion of cleanliness significantly reduces the severity of moral judgments showing that intuition, rather than deliberate reasoning, can influence our perception of what is right and wrong.

The research was conducted through two experiments with university students. In the first, they were asked to complete a scrambled sentence task involving 40 sets of four words each. By underlining any three words, a sentence could be formed. For the neutral condition, the task contained 40 sets of neutral words, but for the cleanliness condition, half of the sets contained words such as 'pure, washed, clean, immaculate, and pristine'.

The participants were then asked to rate a series of moral dilemmas including keeping money found inside a wallet, putting false information on a resume and killing a terminally ill plane crash survivor in order to avoid starvation.

The second experiment saw the students watch a ‘disgusting’ film clip before rating the same moral dilemmas. However, half the groups were asked to first wash their hands.

The findings from both experiments demonstrated that those who were subject to the cognitive feeling of cleanliness exercised less severe moral judgment than their counterparts.

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Tips on How to Live with Clearer and Happier Mind

1. Life Philosophy

Majority of people's preference always has been accordance to the preferences and feelings of the mass, their masters, their ascendant class, their worshiped heroes / celebrities, and etc. They never truly explored what they really wanted and many will cross mountains and seas for something that they are not even sure if they want or not when questioned thoroughly.

  • One cannot have compartmentalized philosophies to live a truly happy life. One must develop a philosophy that is whole and all-inclusive. Compartmentalizing is a way of dealing with situations. It is not a permanent solution; it should be used while a person is searching for more long term solution. If this is followed, then it will force most people to reevaluate the values that they have held.

  • Searching for life philosophy means continuous study and thinking throughout entire one's life. Unfortunately, most people don't want to do this. Also in order to do this right, a person must have his/her body well balanced and maintain in top condition. This means the person cannot be addicted to any substances, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and etc.

  • Something to note about word "temporarily" here. Temporarily could mean year after year. So under some strenuous circumstances people are forced to live many years or in many cases, most of their life in undesirable condition (This is the case with most of third worlds). Patience, temperance, discipline, and tactics should be developed for such situation. Even if these are well developed, people must continue to seek truth, knowledge, and wisdom, which most people don't do. This is precise reason why when most people get old, they become stiff, inflexible, and dismal.

  • If you are really confused and don't know what to do with your life – especially if you are young, here is a good video for you.

  • In order to not to get lost in the life, you need to develop long term life philosophy. If you are an American, you should read writings by founding fathers of America, Manly P Hall, and John Dewey. Also read European enlightenment classics such as John Stuart Mills and Wilhelm Von Humboldt.

2. Diet
  • Speaking of addiction and keeping body in top condition, all obese people are addicted to food as majority of all other people are addicted to at least one type of food as well. One sign of addiction is depression and chronic fatigue.

  • Mind and body are one –ancient western people instinctively understood this. "Mens Sana in Corpora Sano." In oriental medicine mind and body are never separated but treated as one entity.

  • Majority of people are addicted to one form of substance or another – most commonly, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. If you think you are not addicted to any one of these you also have to see that if you love sweets and cheese. Refined sugar is indeed addictive. Click on here to read more. Cheese has casein morphine which is 1/10th of strength of morphine used in hospitals. Addiction to cheese literally means addiction to morphine.

  • Meat and Poultry – If it is not organic, 90% meat circulating in average supermarket have cancer cells, 20% of them has antibiotic resistant bacteria. There are many more bad effect of meat that you buy from supermarket.

  • Fish – Fish contains methyl mercury which is 100 times more toxic then the mercury form found above sea. Mercury is one sure way to create auto immune disease, depression, and other disease. This also tells you about mercury filling in your teeth if you have one.

    If you want to reduce pollution in the environment you live in, cut down your meat consumption, because meat eating creates more pollution then car and industry pollution combined.

3. Personal Habit
  • Stop watching TV and popular magazines which talks about celebrities' life. Not only these have nothing to do with your life, but also in the last 50 years input on the human brain has increased 10,000 times per second. This has marked effect on people's stress level and ability to maintain focus. While some of these stimulants are unavoidable, TV and popular magazines are pointless stimulation that you don't need.

  • You need to educate yourself and think about what really matters in life and not to get yourself lost in cycles of consumption and addiction.

  • Will power is not inborn but it is created. A person creates it by thinking about the subject matter and visualizing about it (similar to mental planning). Now you might not think that you are making much progress, but everything you do is done in this manner. Is it not? Even going for a shopping works such way – you think about it during weekdays and Friday or Saturday you finally do it. In order to create will that does not give you to evil end, you must align your will to the laws of nature, the universal consciousness, the creation.

  • When you surf internet, try to watch and read something educational. While commuting and driving, listen to audio books instead of pop songs. This will make a person to think more and less toward mindless entertainments. There are quiet number of free audio books and documentaries on internet. Search google and you will see quiet a bit. One good free audio book site is

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Mental Disease Prevalence in US

Talk about mental disease, it is an understatement that more then half of people in US live with one type or another of mental disease. It is worse in overall statistic of world.

In the book, "Teaching as Subversive Activity" by Neil Postman and Charles Wingartner, it says:

  • There are more American suffering from mental illness then from all other form of illness combined.
  • Second most common cause of death among adolescents is suicide. Number one is car crashing – but car crashing can be used as suicide method.
  • The most common cause of infant mortality is parental beating.
This was late 1960's and early 1970's.

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