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Sir Jason Winters and His Tea

Sir Jason Winters is an English-Canadian. He was a terminal cancer patient. After unsuccessful radio therapy which almost killed him, doctor said he has 3 months to live. He said he will not die, then sold his house, travelled around world to find cure for cancer. He found several substances and one of them was laetrile.

This was cancer killing agent and doctor in Australia administered this substance to him. Within few weeks his cancer was disappeared. However in a few days, cancer came back. He was devastated and he tried other herbs he found during the trip. One was Red Clover, another was Indian Sage, and the other was Herberlene. Herberlene is pseudonym - Sir Jason Winters would not reveal the real name because pharmaceutical company can buy out this herb as this herb is relatively rare and expensive compare to others. Nowadays the original three herb blend of Jason Winters Tea has Oolong Tea Leaf and Stevia for higher anti-oxidant and better absorption.

When he got back from the trip after laetrile treatment had failed, he brewed these herbs and drank them without much effect. One day he got frustrated and mixed all three in a cup and almost immediately he felt difference (I feel the difference within 5-10 min). He became cancer free and started to give out this unique blend of tea to people who were having cancer. Word got out so much that even Queen Mother of England start to use the tea.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies start to harass Jason Winters, probably because tea was so cheap and effective for cancer treatment compare to expensive chemical drugs these companies produce. Prince Charles mediated between Jason Winters and the pharmaceutical companies so that sir Jason Winters can produce and sell this tea without harassment. Jason Winters was knighted by Prince Charles thereafter.

From what I have experienced, there is more benefit about this tea then just killing the cancer. Everyone who have drank this tea while they are having sore throat or upset stomach said sore throat went away after the night sleep and upset stomach has calmed down. Also when I want to stay up all night I drink 3 to 5 tea bags in a cup and brew it 3 times. Then I have this day time like calm awakening unlike that of caffeine like hyper-active awakening.

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How to Brew Jason Winters Tea

Use filtered water if possible. Put the tea bag in a cup and boil water and pour it into cup. You can brew it 3 times. Do not reheat if the tea gets cold as doing so will destroy medicine property.

The tea is such a strong detoxifier and blood cleanser you will probably go to bathroom within 30 min to 1 hour after you drink the tea. I don't hear side effects from anybody I recommended, but you can read about possible side effect in Sir Jason Winters website.

There are two other anti-oxidants I know which has just about same effect as this tea and they are more expensive but they taste better.

I strongly recommend that you buy in tea bag, not in loose tea as it contains little sand. I also recommend raspberry flavor. I don't recommend any other Jason Winters product I tried them and they are not as good as the tea.

Where you can read about sir Jason Winters and his original tea:

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No Time To Brew Tea? Don't Like Tea? – No Problem!

If you do not have time to brew tea or you don't like drinking tea for various reasons, here is alternative. It's called Jason Winters Tribalene. This has same property as the JS Tea, but it is a tablet. I found it as effective as the tea and it is very convenient.

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Recommended Sir Jason Winters Products

Raspberry Tea Jason Winters/Tri-Sun Int. 30 Tea Bag

Jason Winters Tribalene -- 800 mg - 100 Tablets

Jason Winters Tribalene with Chaparral -- 800 mg - 60 Tablets

The Sir Jason Winters Story: Killing Cancer

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