Junk Food…
How bad are they?

People hear from media and other health professionals that junk foods are bad like mantra. But how bad are they? Here are some details.

Fried food, chips, snacks, French fry, roman
Many foods include artificial flavor, artificial coloring, emulsifier, stabilizer, and chemicals to prevent going the food rancid. Any one of these are bad enough to begin with and it goes without saying that eating all of these at once is extremely bad to health. These foods throw body off balance and lead to addiction and overeating. Fried foods and other foods cooked with high heat are not as good as food that has been steamed or boiled because it makes carbohydrate molecule smaller and brittle which cause shock in the digestive and hormonal system at least to some degree, which is also one of the major cause of diabetes. Click here for more details.

Candy, Chocolate, Gum, Ice Cream
In conventional sense, the reason why candies were criticized as bad food was due to cavities. However, cavities are only tip of iceberg. It is not an overstatement to say that candy is made with toxics.

The basis of candy’s ingredient is refined white sugar and maltose. Soft candies have emulsifier or partially and fully hydrogenated oil. When this basic process is finished, acidulant, artificial flavor enhancer, synthetic perfume, artificial coloring, and others are added. Most of these food additives and artificial food coloring cause problem with biological functions, neuro-transmission functions, and brain functions causing attention deficit and behavioral problems.

Starch syrup in candy is not natural syrup. It is not made from grain as syrup is supposed to, but it is made from refined sugar. Some people think that syrup is always made out from sugar. Not so. Syrup was made from grains originally. Also unrefined whole grain maltose syrup is a lot better then refined sugar.

Gum is made out of 70% refined sugar. Rest 30% is made out of additives such as artificial perfume, artificial colorings emulsifier, plasticizer, aroma preservatives, and other addictives. The most dangerous additive in gum is synthetic perfume / flavoring, which is added about 0.1gram per piece of gum. People may think that's tiny little amount, but not so. This perfume is not inert but activated in body even at the concentration level of 1 ppt (1/1,000,000,000,000 = one part per trillion). 1 ppt is a proportion equivalent to 1/20th of a drop of water diluted into a 2 meter deep Olympic size swimming pool. Say a person with 50kg body weight chew gum, then the concentration of artificial perfume in the body is about 20,000,000ppt.

Ice cream's main ingredient is refined white sugar (which is labeled as 'sugar'). Emulsifier in ice cream is carcinogenic, and emulsifier also helps other carcinogenic substances to be absorbed in the body. There are also artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, stabilizing agent, artificial sweetener, and others in ice cream. In short, ice cream is cluttered with harmful additives.

Chocolate in Cookies and Chocolate Bars
There are very little real chocolate in chocolate bars and chocolate cookies. The little chocolate in it are mixed with partially hydrogenated byproduct. Due to hydrogenation process of chocolate, mixed with other oils, there will be large amount of trans fat in chocolate bar and chips. Trans fat that can cause heart disease, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), liver cancer, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer (large intestine cancer), and diabetes. The ingredient that make commercial cookies soft is shortening, which is also product of partially hydrogenated oil thus contain trans fat. Some of these cookies have soft centers but do not spoil in room temperature for weeks and months because more then 90% of it is made out of refined sugar so that micro organisms cannot grow on them. This problem is not confined to cookies. Most cookies and crackers are made with refined sugar, trans fat, artificial additives, refined flour, and there are only a small degree of differences in how much each brand contain these but they are similar in all ingredients.

Fast food, Factory manufactured Cheese, Butter, Ham, Sausage
There are two major problems with fast food, such as hamburger, French fry, chicken fries etc. They contain too much fat. So much that it contains as much as 82% of fat in a serving when compared to a recommended serving. The frying oils contain trans fat as well, as with most of fast food and restaurant chains and common diners and restaurants. The frying batters contain artificial coloring which can be extremely harmful to mental and physical health. There is more then what is in the battering mix because conventional meat and chicken already contains artificial coloring in order to make their flesh look more appealing. So even if you buy chicken or meat at supermarket and make your own batter and fry in no trans-fat oil, you still get food additives and plus other bad stuffs. It is very bad idea to eat factory raised meat at all to begin with, but fast food meat menu is food abomination.

One of a dangerous aspect of pre-packaged meat such as ham and sausage is Sodium Nitrite, which is added order to give that pinkish red color. Sodium nitrite also covers other bad flavors, make texture softer, suppress bacteria, and fungal growth. Sodium nitrite gives so many advantages, but when it is combined with amine component in meat to become nitrosamine, it can be lethal to body. According to animal experiment, only one injection of 0.3 microgram (1,000,000 microgram = 1 gram, so 1 microgram = 1/1,000,000 gram) nitrosamine causes liver or lung cancer.

Soda, Juice, Milk, and other types of drink
To read why milk is bad, please go to milk page.

If you choose plain soda over a coke, because you heard that coke is bad, that's same as going into wolves’ den in order to avoid a tiger. Most of soda has caffeine and it is addictive. Click here link to read more about caffeine. For a list of caffeine content in soft drinks, click here. Drinks like red bull has 15 Times of caffeine then coffee but it also has sodium benzoate acid. Sodium benzoate acid, when experimented with dogs, injected 1gram per 1kg body per day lead inability in motors, gave seizures, and lead to death in 250 days.

Also average soda has at least 3 tables spoons of refined sugar in each cans. For a list of sugar content in soft drinks, click here. This may not sound so bad if you don't know health effect of refined sugar. Eating refined sugar every day is almost as bad as slowly poisoning body. To read more about sugar, go to sugar page.

These are not complete list of junk food and do not list all the harmful effects. Also keep in mind that three major junk foods people eat most frequently are meat, refined sugar, and refined flour.

For more information, read about them meat, sugar, and refined flour pages. If anything contains one of those, it is junk food.

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