Introduction to Holodynamics

Holodynamics is a system that enables a person to change his/her paradigm and thinking pattern. It is developed by Dr. Victor Vernon Woolf. He has studied Physics, Psychology, Religion, and other subjects in order to come up with this system. This system has been proven very successful in dealing with problems within families, schools, corporations, entire nation, and etc.

The basic concept is similar to "What the Blip Do We Know"– but not exactly and there are a lot more then that. This system is combination of Quantum Physics, String Theory, Neuro Biology, Atomic Theory, etc. Yes, one needs to do bit of heavy lifting to understand the subject.

Good news is, many people who study and successfuly apply Holodynamics do not study everything mentioned here and do just fine. They just study portions of listed subjects mentioned here just enough to understand Holodynamics, and that seems enough. Even so, you will earnestly need to study these if you are to apply this method.

This method was first developed to cure mental disease. However, it seems that this not only work for that, but also work for changing old habits and paradigm, boost work performance, and many other things. Speaking of changing old habits, eating habits and smoking cigar are included.

How this works and what this is about, you will have to read at least two books. It may seem like a lot of work to read two books to understand a concept, but I think you will find it worth while.

You can watch interview with Dr. Woolf at Conscious Media Network – a free 3 days pass is available to watch the video. He tells his experience with people using this system and basic concept of how this system works.

Of course you can read more about Holodynamics in Holodynamics main website.

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