Food Addiction:
"...but I just gotta have that."

Food Craving? Depressed? Energy-less? These are common symptoms of food addition. Nowadays, due to so many different ingredients food manufacturer put into their products, it is difficult to even know what kind of food one is addicted. Chances are, most people are addicted to more then one foods and substances. Below is a short list of commonly addictive items. Next to each addictive items, there is list of foods could serve as replacements.

  • Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco.
    There are no exact replacements for this. One could however eliminate all of these dependencies. Click here to find out more.

  • Caffeine – especially in Soda & Coffee
    If you need to be keep awake, drink green tea. Caffeine in green tea is beneficial to body. Also there is something called Jason Winters Tea, which will keep you up with day-time-like-alertness. This is also one of the most powerful and cheapest anti-oxidant available in the market.

  • Cheese -- Cheese has casein morphine which is 1/10 of strength of morphine used in hospital.
    These days there are casein protein free vegan cheese – some of them even melts like real cheese. You can find them online, Whole Food, and some other health food store.

  • Refined Salt -- Yes salt. This is not an addiction per say, but this is more of a body getting 'used to' high level of Sodium. Click here for more explanation. I recommend one use unrefined sun dried sea salt.

  • Refined Sugar -- Refined sugar is addictive because it gives peak-and-crash energy level to body which is similar to drug effect. Click here for more explanation.
    Brown sugar is NOT same as raw sugar and is worse then white sugar.

This list seem very short. However, you will be amazed how many other bad stuffs you are eating every day unknowingly. There are a whole lot more addictive and bad stuffs you should be aware of. For starters, click on Junk Food.

To read more about how to go vegan diet with out food addiction, click here

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