Despite of correct diet, exercise, and doing everything right, a person may get sick. There maybe undetected causes of this. One of the most often overlooked factors is dental health.

Why is dental health such an important factor in overall health? In Oriental Medicine, there are something called acupuncture points which are located throughout the body. If an acupuncture point is measured with a voltage meter detector there is small current runs in and out of it.

These points are connected with acupuncture meridians. These meridians end in mouth and teeth are piezoelectric. Piezoelectricity is the charge which accumulates in certain solid materials in response to applied mechanical pressure. Crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matters such as bone, DNA, and various proteins are piezoelectric. Because of this, any metal in the mouth creates electronic disturbance that run along meridians, big or small, which may create adverse effect on nerve system and other parts of body. Also any inorganic material that blocks the meridian current will have adverse charge built up or problem in discharge electricity.

This is one of the reason why tooth must be taken a very good care of, and never get mercury fillings or root canals. If you already have mercury filling it is better to leave it alone unless you have severe health problem because mercury extraction is dangerous operation that may lead to mercury poisoning. Same for the root canal – leave it alone unless you have problem.

There are far bigger reasons why one should not get mercury fillings or root canals. Mercury is toxic, period. For root canal, there has been enough research done regarding these two matters to back up as evidences, but the knowledge was never widely known or practiced among dental professions and general physicians. To read more about this, click on the root canal and mercury section.

Table of Contents

Dental Health

Dental health is serious disease in US and worldwide. Also it is a disease which is routinely ignored until it gets too late for treatment.

In US, on average, 11.6% of age group from 16 to 19 has at least one tooth decay. This rate steadily increases, and by the time people are over 60, more than half of their teeth (62.36%) have been affected by decay. A total of 93.1% of all people over the age of 60 have had teeth affected by tooth decay.

More than 80% of adults have some form of periodontal disease. 99% of those people have no signs to indicate that they have a problem. The skin inside mouth is very soft and permeable and rich in blood vessels. As a result, bacteria and toxins from outside can get into the blood stream very easily through mouth. 40% of all bacterial infections are through mouth and more than 90% of all systemic diseases have oral manifestations.

Bacteria inside mouth can mutate very quickly to adopt change of diet of a person and oxygen condition of the mouth. Toward the back of mouth, where oxygen is poor, bacteria changes and adapted to anaerobic environment. These anaerobic bacteria produce sulfur compounds. These sulfur compounds allow toxins to enter blood stream through swollen gums.

These anaerobic bacteria have the ability to extract sulfur compounds from the proteins of skins shed inside the mouth. Increase sulfur compounds in a mouth cause bleeding gums (which are truly open wounds in the mouth) and gum disease. The bacteria and toxins other then sulfur compounds may also get into your bloodstream as well and travel throughout your body, most notably to brain, thereby increasing the risk of strokes, pneumonia, and many others.

These oral bacteria is called "Streptococcus Sanguis." When they enter blood stream, they cause blood platelets to clump. This clumping may lead to blood clot inside blood vessel, which can cause heart attack. Also, chronic infections of gum may lead to "atheroma" formation (degenerative changes in the arteries) which shuts off blood supply and also lead to heart disease and strokes. The link between heart diseases, strokes, and bleeding gums appears most obvious among men aged 40-50 years old.

Among medical professions, co-enzyme Q10 is reported to give some benefits to gum health. Co-enzyme Q10 works by boosting the immune system to help body to fight bacteria which cause gum disease. If that is the case, then why not just eat foods that build up immune system? Fresh fruits and vegetables have tones of these immune boosting substances in it.

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Dental Health and Nutrition

If massive fluoridation campaigns and dental surgery were effective in preventing tooth decay, people would not have dental problem getting worse over time. If effective, while it may not cure the tooth decay, it would at least prevent it, which is not the case.

Getting a dental procedure does not solve dental problem permanently. A dentist is a doctor of dental surgery, someone who cures tooth problems through surgical procedures. Surgical procedures are the last resort. Dentists temporarily treat one problem. Each treatment tends to be more severe then previous ones until false teeth are needed. Also many procedures are irreversible.

Tooth decay is caused by a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in the body. Every day, the calcium and phosphate of tooth enamel and bone move to heart, brain and other places where it is needed (this is called demineralization or de-enamelization). So if the tooth and bone are to be resupplied with enough calcium and other minerals, a person must get them from diet.

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Study of Primitive People’s Dental Health by Dr. Weston Price

Dr. Weston A Price traveled around the world in the 1930's and 1940's to study primitive people's diet who were isolated from the modern world. Many primitive groups he studied had a tooth cavity rate close to zero. He noticed in groups following their traditional diet that decayed teeth either fell out painlessly or teeth were covered over with a hardened layer of enamel. Weston Price treated many cases of cavities with a success rate of over 90%.

When Dr. Price analyzed the foods used by isolated primitive people, he found that they ate at least 4 times water soluble vitamins, calcium, and other minerals, at least 10 times the fat soluble vitamins then people live in modern civilized nations.

He noted that calcium deficiency is passed from parent to child through the same poor diet pattern of parents. The weakness is caused not just by a lack of calcium, but also by lack of mineral, fat soluble vitamins, water soluble vitamins, and high phosphorus in diet.

Dr. Weston Price found that through diet, he could eliminate or greatly reduce bad bacteria's in the mouth that fuels the tooth degeneration process. Using nutrition, Dr. Price reduced the tooth decay rate 250 times in 17 individuals who had severe tooth decay. These groups had about half of all teeth affected by tooth decay before the Dr Price's nutritional program. After the program, only two new cavities formed within a three year time period putting the reoccurrence rate at 0.4%.

The conclusion of his research is tooth decay is not because of the bacteria inside the mouth.

There are two major conditions that affect tooth decay and re-enamelization (teeth growing back) of tooth enamel. First, the amounts and varieties of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the diet.

It is easily understood that why vitamins and minerals are essential in re-enamelization of teeth enamel. However, enzyme functions that take chemical function of re-growing tooth enamel such as adenosine diphophatase are not mentioned much in conventional dentistry and medicine. Enzymes are essential in rebuilding not only tooth but every body parts when they are damaged.

Second is saliva ph level within the mouth; this promotes or retards dental decay. If saliva ph level is acidic, it promotes dental decay; whereas if it is weak alkaline, it retards dental decay.

Among minerals primarily ones that are responsible for dental health are calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. These are needed to create a new tooth surface. Tooth decay occurs when vitamins and minerals are moving out from the teeth. This means if a person has dental problems, their overall body is depleted of vitamins and minerals and their body is not in such a healthy condition. Both inside and outside of the tooth surface, new repairs are done daily, even though at a slower rate then other body parts. The tiny arteries in root canals supply liquid inside dentin tubules with nutrient they need and carry away toxins and other wastes from teeth (especially if a person has mercury filling).

When Dr. Weston Price examined modern diet, he found that there are near complete absence of fat soluble vitamins as well as water soluble vitamins.

Dr. Price recommended to his patients raw organic grass-fed dairy and organ meat of organic, grass-fed animals. It is important to note that all meat and daily raise blood ph level thus draining calcium, resulting tooth decay and osteoporosis.

Groups with high immunity to tooth decay regularly ate two of these three food categories. However, what Dr. Weston Price did not include in his equation is amount of fresh fruits and vegetables eaten by indigenous people. It is critically important to note that indigenous people ate fresh fruits and vegetables much more then meat due to the energy and effort required to track, kill, prepare and eat the animal flesh.

Civilized people on the other hand, keep their live stock fenced in, and through monetary means, a person can buy as much meat as one please. By far, fruits and vegetables are the majority of indigenous people's diet. These also kept the saliva ph level in their mouth to weak alkaline, thus preventing tooth decay.

Nowadays, the Weston Price Foundation would say vegan diet is not good for dental health, but they do not have much research to backup this claim except the initial writings of Dr. Weston Price. Also, the Weston Price Foundation is largely backed up by the agro-business. Considering agro-business is behind factory farm, one may wonder what is really behind all this. On the other hand, vegan diet has 20 to 30+ years of research to backup that it is good for overall health including dental health. (ex. China Study, Caldwell B. Esselstyn’s Study, Okinawa Centenarian Study etc).

Dr. Price had repeated observation of the tragic plight of indigenous people coming into contact with modern industrialization then they would suffer tooth decay. These groups enjoyed generation after generation of life without significant tooth decay, but after the arrival of industry, commerce, and modern foods, their teeth began to degenerate very rapidly.

The dairy, meat, and fish Americans eat are not feed with their natural diet, but fed with grain and bone meals. These live stocks are also heavily injected with antibiotics and growth hormones.

These foods Dr. Price recommends are only available in organic grass fed cows, organic free range chickens, and wild caught fishes. None of these are easily and cheaply available to average Americans. Less then 1% of cows raised in US are organic grass fed cows without antibiotics and growth hormone injection, and lived in open meadow. However,

Not eating enough nutrients isn't the only reason for teeth decay. There could be on set of decay due to too much toxic in body. People ingest these toxins daily.

It is interesting that most toxic foods are also most nutrient depleted foods. They are drugs (legal and illegal), alcohol, tobacco, factory meat, farmed fish, white sugar (included in breads, bagels, muffins, biscuits, donuts, crackers, cookies, pizza dough, breakfast cereals, candies, chocolate, soft drink, coke, many other drinks, gums, jams, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, and most of processed foods), brown sugar, refined flour (included in breads, bagels, muffins, biscuits, donuts, crackers, cookies, pizza dough, breakfast cereals, and others), cheap vegetable oils (included when cooking with oil), and partially hydrogenated oil (included in breads, bagels, muffins, biscuits, donuts, crackers, chips, cookies, pizza dough, breakfast cereals, French fries, restaurant foods, and others). These foods, including meat and dairy products sold in supermarket with refined salt and cheap oils, are devoid of minerals and vitamin that are vital in keeping dental health.

Most Americans eat these foods every day, combined with smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, too many medications, and lack of exercise with further deplete minerals in the body even faster. The liver is site of toxic neutralization and elimination. It is also nutrient store house. Through this type of life style, the liver starts to become weak. If a person has ongoing chronic dental problem, it's very likely that there are deeper health problems than simply tooth decay.

Nearly all tooth decay is caused by conditions of blood content, saliva, and the inside of the teeth, not only from the external surface. The teeth deteriorate but it is from the toxic blood stream and enamel-destroying acidic saliva (due to acidic blood and body condition) which cause tooth decay and gum diseases.

For complete list of vegan source minerals, water soluble vitamins, and fat soluble vitamins, click here.

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Grains, Legums, and Tofu

Even if a dish is made out of whole grains, unsoaked grains and nuts, and food made out from these (including cereal, granola, peanut butter, bread, pasta, cracker, cookie) – has phosphorus in the bran tied up in a substance called phytic acid. Phytic acid combines with iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc in the intestinal tract, preventing these mineral absorption.

Dried soy has phytates, that blocks the absorption of minerals in the body, and enzyme inhibitors. These inhibitors can lead to protein assimilation problems in those who consume unfermented soy product frequently.

These substances and enzyme inhibitors are present in legumes and soy is present as protective measure as a result of evolutionary processes. Because all seeds are packed with energy and nutrients, they are very attractive food for animals. By having these enzyme inhibitors, the seed will not be favored by herbivores until it germinates. By the time it does, it has spent considerable amount of nutrients in the seed by sprouting so it become less attractive food to animals. Seeds are amazing natural wonders in that as soon as they hit water, the enzyme reaction starts immediately from within (except very few types of seeds – human don’t tend to eat them anyhow) and phytates is deactivated.

The phytic acids, phytates, and enzyme inhibitors in grains and legumes can be deactiviated by soaking, sprouting, and fermenting, but not by heating or blending. In tofu making process, before it is being cooked, it is always soaked. This is crucial process in tofu making process as soaking deactivates phytates. Never cook and eat dry legumes as they are because frequent eating of unsoaked legumes and grains can lead to mineral deficiencies.

Dried breakfast cereals, because they are not soaked, but processed from dry grains and right into high heat and pressure to make their shapes, they have more adverse effects then people may think.

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Oral and Dental Hygiene

A toothache means that the there is leak of the boundary between the inner part of the tooth called the pulp where the nerve is located, and the environment of the mouth. This can be caused by the wearing away of the filaments which bond the tooth into the jaw bone under the gum line. A tooth ache also means that your tooth is likely demineralizing. The outer layer of the tooth has become breached due to a loss of minerals from the surface.

Gums recede ultimately for the same reason teeth decay. Lack of nutrients and too many toxins in the body preventing proper body function. As such receding gums is a clear indication that your body is in an active process of degeneration. The cause of these conditions should be addressed immediately through proper internal cleansing and nutrient intake.

For whatever reason, depending on someone's genetics, or structure of their energetic patterns, or the type of toxin and nutrient deficiency, the result in one person could be tooth decay, and in another person, gum disease, and in other people, both.

Brush and floss after every meal is essential in dental health, but there are more to be said about this then meets the eye, which will be discussed in next section.

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Dental Health and Fluoride

Fluoride is highly poisonous and most tubes of toothpaste contain a lethal amount of fluoride. It takes about ½ teaspoon of fluoride to kill a 100 lb. person. Fluoride also changes the chemical structure of the tooth making it more brittle. Dr. Dean Burk was a highly respected chemist who worked for the National Cancer institute. He testified before congress that he estimates that water fluoridation to have caused about 1/10th of all cancer deaths, which 61,000 people per year.

It is not true that dental treatments and fluoride are the only ways to heal your teeth from cavities. By the way, Fluoridation never solves dental problem but worsens it  To read more about it, click on the link.

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Tooth Soap

Any toothpaste which is pasty contains glycerin. Glycerin is sugar, which can decay tooth. Glycerin takes about 27 mouth washes with water to remove from the tooth's surface. Also glycerin coats the teeth with a layer of goop that prevents the teeth from remineralizing. There are many alternative products such as tooth liquids, tooth powders, sea salt and baking soda, organic soap and herbs to clean teeth then toothpaste.

Instead of toothpaste use tooth powder or tooth herbs or sea salt to brush your teeth. Regular soap contain toxic chemicals and bone-meal by products which can be lethal. Use natural soap made from cold pressed vegetable oils that do not contain any glycerin and chemicals. The soap also kills bacteria. Herbal mouthwashes or herbal gum treatments can be helpful as well. However natural they may be, do not swallow them.

If you really don’t know what soap to use, you can buy something called tooth soap.

List of Tooth Soap Sellers

Some people just use organic, natural tooth soap without glycerin and chemicals. The tooth soap sold can be either liquid or solid. Whichever you choose, make sure you read the ingredients to avoid fluoride, glycerin, and other harmful chemicals.

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Natural Tooth Paste

It should be noted that teeth stains attract food residue, build up tartar, and attract plaque. Because regular tooth paste has fluoride and glycerin, it is best to use natural tooth paste that does not contain these. You can buy natural tooth paste in health store, but you can also make your own. These are natural substances that can whiten teeth.

Baking Soda

Go gently at the gum line as baking soda is abrasive when dry. Baking soda is not abrasive, if you soak in water and wait a minute before brushing because sodium bicarbonate is an ionic compound that fully breaks down to individual carbonate molecules and sodium atoms in sufficient water. There may be some osmotic drying of surface tissue, but this will be insignificant with adequate rinsing.

So, when looking at Baking Soda and Toothpaste which is doing you more damage? Don't forget chemicals in your mouth go straight to your brain! So Baking Soda is very healthy and as you can see from others comments, has shown improvements straight away after getting off toothpaste.

With Salt and Baking Soda

To remove stains a little more effectively, you can add a little salt with the baking soda.

    With Hydrogen Peroxide
    Using hydrogen peroxide when brushing your teeth has also been known to whiten. Dip your toothbrush in a small amount of the peroxide and brush thoroughly. Rinse with water after brushing and with regular use, you should see results in a few months.

    A combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is said to be one of the best home remedies for whitening teeth. To Use: Add a few drops of peroxide to a teaspoon of baking soda to make a paste. Brush thoroughly with the paste and rinse afterwards with water.

    With Strawberry
    Strawberries contain an enzyme that actually whitens your teeth – but make sure you use strawberry that are not ripe, because fructose residue inside mouth can be food for bad bacteria (S. mutan bacteria). Mash a strawberry and rub onto your teeth using your fingers. Rinse and then floss to remove the seeds.

    With Lemon Juice
    Lemon Juice contains a natural bleaching agent that can whiten teeth. Mix lemon juice and a teaspoon of salt and/or baking soda to make a paste. Brush with the paste and rinse thoroughly afterwards with water. For a more effective combination you can mix a paste of baking soda and lemon juice together instead of the salt.

    With Apple Cider Vinegar
    Although not too tasty, a combination of apple cider vinegar and baking soda makes a good whitener as well. Mix apple cider with a teaspoon of baking soda to form a paste. Brush with the paste and rinse thoroughly with water, afterwards.

Orange Peels and Bay Leaves

They can brighten teeth. Grind bay leaves and orange peel together and then dip your toothbrush in the mixture. Brush thoroughly and rinse with water afterwards. Rubbing the inner side of an orange peel over teeth can whiten teeth as well.

While the above are all natural remedies for brightening your teeth, please keep in mind to use them sensibly in moderation.

Tooth Soup Recipe

If you find these soap expensive, you can make tooth soap yourself.

  • 2 TB coconut oil
  • 3 TB Baking Soda
  • Stevia to taste
  • 20-25 drops of essential oil
    (note: do not overuse tea-tree oil although it has antibacterial property because it may damage gum when overused. Oregano oil kills bacteria too, but it is very caustic in pure form. Oil such as peppermint can be used more liberally.)

    Mix all ingredients.

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Diet and Hygiene Tips for Dental Health

Fresh fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar brighten teeth. Crunchy fresh vegetables like apples, celery, carrots and broccoli are naturally abrasive and act as a whitener when eaten regularly. However, no matter how good the food is for teeth, you must floss and brush after you eat anything solid and/or sweet. With that in mind, please read below.

  • Drink water, especially when mouth is stubby – swoosh mouth with water and clean out sticky dead skin cells which can be food for bad bacteria.
  • Raw onion has strong antibacterial sulfur compounds that kills bad bacteria (S. mutan) in mouth. You can use parsley or mint leaves to rid of onion smell. Better way to eat raw onion is, cut it and submerge it in raw soy sauce – do not use conventional soy sauce, since it may contain carcinogenic substances. Let onion sit for 3 days and eat it as onion pickle, with bread or rice.
  • Green tea has substances called catechins that kills mouth bacteria.
  • Since vitamin C boosts immune system, get enough vitamin C. One adult's limit is 2,000mg per day.
  • Eating sesame seeds can have effect of cleaning residues that are stuck on teeth – but make sure you floss and brush! Any solid and/or sweet food you eat, you must floss and brush. Sesame seeds are also excellent source of calcium which help teeth to rebuild enamel.
  • Cashew nut has anacardic acid that kills bacteria. Cashew has antibacterial, antidysenteric, anti microbial and antiseptic properties.
  • Grapes have a type of tannin called polyamide, which inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  • Raw cocoa powder and raw chocolate without sugar have tannins which prevent bacteria from attaching to the teeth.
  • Sage honey and Tupelo honey inhibit oral pathogenic bacteria.
  • Wasabi has isothiocyanates that inhibit the growth of cavity-causing bacteria. However, wasabi you see in restaurants and supermarkets are not real wasabi. Real wasabi is quiet expensive and usually not sold – not even in Japanese supermarket.
  • Cinnamon and Oregano prevents tooth decay.

  • Do not use regular toothpaste, but use tooth soap or homemade tooth paste – make sure they do not contain fluoride, glycerin, or any other stuffs that are harmful to teeth.
  • Get a good electronic tooth brush and use it every day. I recommend Philips Sonicare Electronic Toothbrush.
  • Floss and brush after every meal. If you cannot floss every meal, swish mouth with water and make sure to floss and brush at least before going to sleep.
  • Sterilize toothbrush by heat, UV, and etc., on regular basis (Phillips Sonicare sells their own UV sterilizer).
  • Clean your tongue –clean it either with tongue cleaner or tooth brush. Make sure you wash the brush with tooth soap after this.
  • Do not exchange saliva with people who have chronic and severe oral disease by sharing drink from same cup / kiss etc.

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Dental Health and Root Canal

Root canals have a negative effect on the immune system which lead to development of many degenerative diseases including heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease, blood stream infections, subacute bacterial endocarditis (inflammation of inner layers of heart), phlebitis (inflammation of vein, usually in legs), anemia, leukopenia (low white blood cell count), back, neck and shoulder pain, neuritis, and depression etc.

Dentin, the hard white part of tooth, makes up 95 % of the structure of a tooth. This looks like solid stone like structure. In reality, dentin is made out of very fine tubules. Undamaged dentin tubules contain nutrient dense fluid that keeps the teeth alive and healthy by supplying and rejuvenating teeth with calcium and other minerals. These nutrients reach the teeth by an artery which runs along with nerves and veins in the root canal.

If the decay is left alone or not discovered until it has spread to the root canal, the bacterial infection also reaches the root canal which contain the nerve and blood vessels. Then these bacteria can very easily spread to the rest of the body through blood supply in root canal. The bacteria, spirochetes, and fungi are established in root canal where they can freely multiply and spread throughout body without any impediments.

Most dentists believe removal of pulp and packing the root canal cavity with a cement block, which also blocks the supply of nutrients to the dentin tubules, eradicates the infection.

In reality, the bacteria which are closest to the lateral accessory of blood vessels from root canals move into these canals. They then migrate to hard fibrous membrane that holds the tooth in the socket (= periodontal membrane). Once established in the periodontal membrane, bacteria can easily spread through the membrane and pass into the surrounding bony network. From the bone structure, the bacteria proceed to enter the blood vessels of the jaw bone. The bacteria then travel by blood stream to a gland, organ or tissue where they start a new infection. Thus a focal infection from a root canal source can spread to a distant site creating a new disease.

Also, once established in the root canal, the bacteria can mutate and change their form. Dr. Weston Price discovered that established root canal bacteria became more toxic. A Josef Issel, a German oncologist, was able to confirm these observations of Dr. Price. He learned that the toxins released from these root canal bacteria were very closely related to the chemicals used by the Germans in World War I to create mustard gas.

This ability of bacteria to mutate and change in root canals is the same process occurring now in bacteria after exposure to antibiotics. These root canal bacteria become resistant to antibiotics that previously had no difficulty killing them. Speaking of antibiotic resistant, it should be noted that when bacteria are exposed to natural antibiotic substances, it does not make bacteria to become resistance. This is because natural antibiotic substances do not produce any genetic changes in the bacteria.

Dr. Price learned after thousands of animal studies a root canal tooth is always infected regardless of its appearance and lack of symptoms. When Dr. Price took a root canal tooth out of a patient who had a chronic disease and placed this tooth in an animal the patient became well and the animal developed the same illness the patient had previously suffered from. If the patient had rheumatoid arthritis the animal became afflicted with RA. When the patient had heart disease the animal developed heart disease. The tooth from a patient with kidney disease produced an animal with kidney disease.

Dr. Price learned that the most common bacteria infecting a root canal tooth was streptococcus. Also staphlococci, spirochetes, and fungi were frequently identified. At least 20 different bacterial organisms were isolated by Dr. Price from root canal teeth. These bacteria not only caused many oral and dental illnesses, but also caused many other chronic symptoms and diseases in other parts of the body.

Each type of bacteria is setting up an auto-immune disease in a different tissue of the body depends on their genetic composition. One bacteria type has an inflammatory reaction in heart muscle cells and gives symptom of heart disease. Another bacteria type irritated the lining synovial membrane cells of a joint, which leads to rheumatoid arthritis.

The patient whose root canal tooth was placed in an animal became well within 24 to 48 hours. This means that a person suffering from the chronic degenerative disease rheumatoid arthritis caused by root canal can be completely cured in 48 hours.

Every tooth affected by a root canal infection may have different bacteria residing in it. A person with three root canals could have three different infectious organisms continually released to the blood stream and could result three different degenerative diseases on this person.

Most dentists do not know that bacteria and other infectious organisms are always present in the dentin tubules after root canal surgery. Very few dentists are aware of or willing to admit that dentin tubules are always infected after root canal surgery. Most dentists believe that the disinfecting substances used to pack the root canal after surgery effectively sterilize the root canal site. Dr. Price had found that not one of 100 disinfectants was able to penetrate and sterilize the dentin. Neither are any antibiotics capable of sterilizing root canals.

Traditional root canal sets up a person for serious degenerative diseases. Whether these diseases occur soon after root canal surgery or many years later depends on the person’s immune system. 70% of people with weak immune system function may become ill immediately after the root canal operation.

25 to 30 % of people with a strong immune system may remain in perfect health for many years after root canal surgery. Dr. Weston Price learned that root canal of people with strong immune systems, engulfed the living bacteria in the infected dentin of the root canals site preventing spread to distant sites. However, when these immune healthy people suffered a severe accident, had a serious influenza infection, or were placed under great stress, their immune system became compromised that they proceeded to develop a degenerative disease.

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Root Canal Alternative

What should a person do if he or she has a root canal? If person is healthy, one may want to postpone any action until a degenerative problem appears. One must also remember that nearly all physicians and 97 % of all dentists know nothing about the danger of root canals. In medical schools, doctors are taught little to nothing about the vital importance of diet, teeth, and gums in promoting good health. Physicians do not inquire about root canals in taking a comprehensive medial history.

If the tooth is dead and it is impossible to revive it, then it would be best to have a root canal with a material called "Biocalex." Biocalex eliminates many of the organisms and is far less likely to cause complications in the short run. If this fails the person is seriously debilitated, it maybe necessary to extract the tooth. Check with a biological / holistic dentist for this. Many biological dentists have alternative methods, such as infra-red lasers, which can save the tooth in about a quarter of the cases.

If you would like to get rid of your chronic disease, you must get a competent dental care.

Also, just extracting the rotten tooth is not enough when removal proves necessary. Dr. Price found bacteria in the tissues and bone just adjacent to the tooth's root. So what is now recommended is slow-speed drilling with a burr, to remove 1 millimeter of the entire bony socket.

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Dental Health, Silver Filling, and Mercury

Mercury is a highly toxic substance which the EPA will tell you cannot be legally disposed of in land fills, yet it's ok to have this material sit in your mouth for 20-30 years and longer. Currently, Sweden, Denmark and Germany severely restrict the use of mercury amalgams.

A single dental amalgam filling with a surface area of only half square centimeter is estimated to release as much as 15 micrograms of mercury per day primarily through evaporation and mechanical wear.

The average person has 8 amalgam fillings in their mouth and could absorb up to 120 micrograms of mercury per day from their amalgams. It has been reported that 60 micrograms of mercury per day is collected in human feces with people with four or more mercury fillings, which is consistent with mercury absorption rate.

The mercury vapor from the amalgams is fat soluble and passes readily through cell membranes and most importantly, across the blood brain barrier. The vapor serves as the primary route of mercury from amalgams into the body.

The evidence is clear that amalgam mercury transfers to human tissues, accumulates over time, and presents a potential threat to health. The mercury escapes continuously during the entire life of the filling, primarily in the form of vapor, ions but also abraded particles. Chewing food or gum, brushing, and the intake of hot fluids stimulate this release.

This means your mercury amalgams must removed in order to prevent mercury release. People should seek a dentist who is specially trained in this area because improperly removed amalgams may result in unnecessarily high exposure to mercury.

Kelp is very effective in getting rid of toxic from body. Kelp has sticky clear substance called alginic acid which binds with heavy metal and release out of body as stool. There is good reason why kelp is called superfood. Read more about nutritional benefits of kelp.

Chlorella eliminates about 90% of the mercury through stool. Acorn is also very effective in removing mercury and heavy metal out of body. Korean style acorn pudding is great way to eat acorn.

Cilantro does not remove mercury from the body but it mobilizes mercury, lead, aluminum, and tin stored in the brain and the spinal cord to more superficial body structures.

Vitamin C is helpful supplement for mercury elimination as it will tend to mobilize mercury from intracellular mercury deposits.

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Mercury Filling and American Dental Association (ADA)

American Dental Association (ADA) continues to fight for the claim that silver (= mercury) amalgams is safe because acknowledging truth would bury them in lawsuits that they would lose. Many dentists have been persecuted and prosecuted for speaking out against mercury amalgams.

In 1984 the ADA heard about a presentation about mercury hazards by Dr. Hal Huggins. This presentation started a new policy for the ADA of removing the licenses of any dentist who mentioned that mercury may be dangerous. Dentist Mark Breiner had an ongoing battle with the ADA about his right to write articles in local Connecticut newspapers in which he called attention to the toxicity of mercury in amalgams.

For suppressing Dr. Breiner's right to free speech, the State of Connecticut was forced to pay the ACLU its legal fees in a July14. This decision gave dentists the right to speak freely. Attorney Charlie Brown has been fighting the ADA for 7 years in Florida, Arizona and Maryland.

Attorny Brown state, "The ADAs rule of forcing silence on the part of dentists has been one of the greatest impediments to consumers learning the truth about amalgam or even learning that they are mainly mercury, and not silver. A decade ago the ADA's monopoly was unchallenged and the dental boards, …were agents of the ADA, taking licenses from dentists who would not kowtow to the gag rule."

These events start to unravel ADA's illegal power over dentists. The ADA should never have had the power to remove licenses from dentists who were simply speaking the truth.

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In conclusion, you can brush your teeth and subject yourself to expensive dental treatments. These are not cures, but simply treatments of the symptoms of nutritional deficiency and an accumulation of toxins. In examining your diet and health habits you will likely find a history of a diet high in the foods which where to be avoided, and low in the foods containing the highest amounts of vitamins.

The US RDA (recommended daily allowances) for food are the minimum requirements for survival. Weston Price found that people following primitive diets consume between four and ten times the amount of vitamins than the RDA. Four - Ten times recommended is what is required for a cavity free, healthy child. (Between 30-70% of America falls below the RDA) It is quite possible that most childhood illnesses, in addition to tooth decay, such as colicky babies are caused by nutritional deficiencies.

Take responsibility for your health and eat properly. Rebuilding bones can take up to one year, so don't expect immediate results other than a more fulfilled, happier, smarter and more peaceful state of being. These changes go against the grain of society, and you might be tempted to only follow some. It's much easier to ignore the true causes of illness, than to treat them. It's hard work to make these changes, but it's worth it. Please, do it for your family. I personally decided to not do any dental treatments to my teeth even though x-rays show three cavities.

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Recommended Books

Whole-Body Dentistry: Discover The Missing Piece To Better Health by Mark A. Breiner – Highly Recommended.

Uninformed Consent : The Hidden Dangers in Dental Care by Hal A. Huggins, Thomas E. Levy

The Roots of Disease: Connecting Dentistry & Medicine by Robert Kulacz, Thomas E. Levy, James Earl Jones

Root Canal Cover Up by George E. Meinig

It's All in Your Head: The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness by Hal A. Huggins

Trust Us We're Experts: How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future by Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber

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50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation.

Mercury in Mouth

What is Free Radical?

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