Casein Protein and its danger

In last decade or so we have heard much in the media about casein protein and autistic children – but what about the general population?

Casein is a protein found only in dairy products.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell discovered that protein did indeed promote cancer development. However, it was not all types of protein. What Campbell discovered was that casein, which comprises 85% of the protein in cow’s milk, promoted cancer in all stages of its development. The safe protein, that which did not promote cancer, was plant based.

In fact, the connection between casein and cancer was so profound that the scientists could literally turn cancer growth on and off in the laboratory animals simply by altering the level of casein protein in their diets like a light switch. They also found that feeding the animals the same levels of plant based protein (ex. gluten and soy) did not at all promote cancer growth. Next, Campbell was able to take his research into the real world. In the early 1980’s a joint effort was established between Cornell University, Oxford University and China’s health research laboratory. The researchers gathered data on 367 variables, across 65 counties in China and 6,500 adults. The research was conducted over a 10 year period and was funded by both the Chinese and the United States government.

Results of the China Study

  • Diet has a very powerful influence on a multitude of diseases.
  • Animal based foods were linked to higher breast cancer rates and higher blood cholesterol levels.
  • Plant based diets were connected to low incidents of breast cancer rates and cholesterol levels.
  • Fiber and antioxidants from plant foods were also linked to lower levels of digestive tract cancers.

You can read more details about this study in the book China Study, by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

Although Campbell was raised on a farm and loved his milk and eggs and sausage, he is a vegan now.

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