Bone meal:
How does it affect your health?

Factory farming and bone meal (powder of animal carcass) to feed animals to make them fatter quicker. But that makes animals sick. This is not only vegetarian animal eating meat and thus unnatural and give diseases, but also bone meal itself is abominable combination.

Rendering has 2 big processes.

First Process:

All the inedible parts of animals for human and pet consumption are gathered - like skin, hooves, tongue etc... Half of cow and 1/3 of pig slaughtered are not edible for human consumption. Considering there are 37+ million cows killed each year, this is enormous amount. There are 250+ rendering plants operating in US.

It takes days for carcass to arrive there and there is no refrigeration process before, during, after, or anywhere else in this process. By the time meat is got there, it is already rotten to half - especially in the summer (not to mention maggots). The collars animals have, ropes on animals are not removed, but put it in a big barrel which has huge saw, which breaks down everything. All the meat that passed the expiration date in supermarket goes in there. Not only this, but also oils discarded after deep frying in diners and fast food restaurants goes in – these are high trans-fat oil. Food left over from restaurants, lard taken out from meat while cooking goes in there as well.

Work need to be done fast, but there are not enough workers, so workers put all these stuffs without separating plastic and Styrofoam. Astronomical number of cats and dogs and other stray animals who are being euthanized goes in there too. Every year, 3-4 million cats and dogs are euthanized (some say 6-7 million), not including other pets. Other types of dead pets go there, too. Green plastic bags that contain euthanized cats, dogs, and other animals go in there too.

Veterinarians inject pentobarbital sodium in order to euthanize shelter animals. These neither disappear nor destroyed in high heat. Also most of these animals have vermicide in their body and this is not destroyed either - same for all the hormone and antibiotics. The hormone, antibiotic, vermicide, and the toxic to kill shelter animals, and toxic produced by bacteria are not destroyed but feed back to animals. Factory farmers in turn inject more of hormone, antibiotic, vermicide, etc., to live cattle in order to keep them alive. The concentration of these substance increase with each cycle and bacteria which were easily killed before are not killed because they develop super gene, creating super bacteria in ever increasing speed.

All the road killed animals goes in there as well. This is not all. Since 1990’s chicken fecal matters and feathers gathered at the bottom of factory chicken coop went in there too. This is extremely dangerous considering 83% of chicken are infected with food poisoning bacteria - not to mention 90% of them have cancer cells, and also they are fed arsenic.

All these are boiled around 135 C (275 F) for 20 minute to 1 hour and 1/2. On the boiling surface all the fat is floating. This fat contains most of heavy metal. This fat is sold and used in lipsticks, deodorants, soap and other personal hygiene products.

Second Process:

After fat is removed, the second process begins. This part, which has soup like consistency is dried, then broke into white powder. This is so called bone-meal with high protein for animal feeding. This fodder is essential in forming 'marbling of fat' between meats.

It has been known that mad cow disease virus are not killed at boiling point 100C, and the English government destroyed over 4.5 million cattle and incinerated them at a temperature of 1100 degrees centigrade (=2012 degree Fahrenheit). The resulting ash is still considered infectious and is stored in WWII blimp hangers.

The reason such fodder is used is pretty much clear for profiting. Price per 1 ton is 45 dollars and this is 1/3 price of other vegetables. Also slaughter business profit 2.4 billion dollars annually. Consumers fill their stomach with vile poison.

According to USDA report, in 1983 about 7.9 billion pounds bone meal, blood meal, and other by product were produced from these abominable mix. Of those,

  • 12 % was used in dairy and beef cattle feed
  • 34 % was used in pet food
  • 34 % was used in poultry feed
  • 20 % was used in pig food

No wonder cats and dogs get sick after eating pet foods - those pet foods are loaded with bone meal.

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NY Times article regarding bone meal: Mad cow outbreak may have been caused by animal rendering plants

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