Is cheese good for you?

Is cheese good for you? Cheese and other dairy products are thought to be healthy food and promoted by USDA, the truth is opposite of that.

Cheese is made out from milk. Contrary to popular belief, milk is not really good for human body. What's wrong with milk? – Click here to find out more.

In addition to toxic stuffs from milk which are included in cheese, cheese also have additional stuffs – casein protein and casein morphine. Casein protein is carcinogenic protein that promotes cancer growth at all stages of cancer development. All animal protein promotes cancer growth but particularly casein protein is more potent in promoting cancer development. For more information about casein protein, click here.

Casein morphine is a type of morphine that is found in cheese. It is 1/10th strength of morphine used in hospital. The reason people feel good after they eat cheese is because they are eating morphine. People who cannot go by without cheese are not addicted to cheese, but to the morphine within the cheese.

Addiction to morphine, or any other synthetic chemicals result imbalance in body and brain – this really is not conducive condition to lose weight. Also as with any addictions, one needs more dosage of that addictive stuff as the addiction progresses further.

Because cheese is high in hormone and fat, it makes people fatter quickly. As a result, many people who are on diet, replace this cheese addiction to other addictions such as tobacco, alcohol, refined sugar (candy, chocolate, cookie, muffin, cake etc), caffeine, and etc.

Basic mechanism here is same as someone getting addicted to morphine. This is why so many people cannot get off cheese even if they are almost vegan. With lots of fat and casein morphine, cheese is one of the worst enemy in loosing weight.

Adverse effect of cheese does not end here. Many people think cheese is good for bones. Not so. All milk derived products are bad for bones, period. How so? First of all, the amount of calcium in food does not equate to amount of calcium that is absorbed. You see, blood in you body need to keep PH level equal to weak alkaline in order to keep you healthy.

If blood turns acidic, body drains calcium out of your bones in order to neutralize that acidity. If blood is acidic, certain enzymes in our body cannot operate and we end up dying. Cheese turns our blood acidic despite of its calcium content. It is too acidic that amount of calcium in cheese alone cannot neutralize its acidity.

So your body drains calcium from your bone to try to neutralize acidity. Body end up using more calcium then it takes from cheese.

In order to deposit calcium in your bone, you need weak alkaline food with calcium, such as kale. Many green leafy vegetables have variety of minerals and calcium – and they are also weak alkaline. As a result, calcium in those leafy vegetables is deposited to the bone.

Your bone health also affects your immune system. So if you have some type of ailments and improve your condition, you need to stop eating cheese.

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